Dark Souls 3: Lothric, Younger Prince Boss Guide

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Lothric, Younger Prince is a Lord of Cinder in Dark Souls 3. He is the younger of the twin brothers. Both he and Lorian are unable to walk, and only Lothric is able to talk. Lothric is unable to fight and watches you fight his older brother for the entire first phase. The fight is quite intense, especially during the second phase when Lothric himself joins the combat.

Lothric also has the ability to revive his brother if he dies, making the battle very long if you do not know what to do. Here is all you need to know about Lothric, Younger Prince.

Lothric, Younger Prince Overview

Lothric, Younger Prince Overview
LocationGrand Archives
  • 85,000 Souls
  • Cinders of a Lord
  • Soul of the Twin Princes
Weak ToPhysical Damage

Lothric, Younger Prince is located at the top of Lothric Castle. The boss is not optional, and you will have to defeat him in order to complete the game.

There are two summonable NPCs for this fight. You can summon Sirris of the Sunless Realms; her sign is located in front of the boss gate. You can also summon Orbeck of Vinheim for this fight as well. His summon sign is located at the top of the stairs. However, you will need to give him all the magic scrolls and purchase all his spells to be able to summon him.

Defeating him will get you 85,000 Souls, Cinders of a Lord, and the Soul of Two Princes. You can transpose their soul at Firelink Shrine to get a choice between two weapons.

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Lothric, Younger Prince Attacks

Lorian, the older brother, has a lot of attacks as compared to Lothric. This fight has two phases where you will have to take out both of them down to end it.

Lorian, Elder Prince


Lorian, from time to time, uses teleportation to get close to you or the other way around. If the boss goes far, that means he will start channeling Holy Flame Beam.

Holy Flame Beam

The boss teleports away and lifts his sword up. He then starts to charge his blade, and once it is full of Holy Flame, he slams it down on the ground in the player's direction. The beam will travel fast in a straight line.

Flame Wave

Two hands his weapon and starts to unleash waves of fire at the player. The attack travels a short distance but has a wide coverage.

Horizontal Slash

The boss slashes the player from the left to the right direction. The boss can perform another horizontal slash with this and follow that up with a vertical slash.


Lorian takes his sword in and thrusts it at the player.

180-Spinning Slash

If the player is behind, then the boss slashes and starts to spin at a 180 angle.

Vertical Slash

Lorian performs a vertical slash at the player. The boss can follow it up with a horizontal slash.

Lothric, Younger Prince

Magic Arrow

Lothric fires a Magic Arrow that homes on the player and deals significant damage.

Homing Projectiles

The boss casts multiple Magic Projectiles that home on the player. The projectiles shoot toward the player after a few seconds.


Whenever you manage to kill Lorian, Lothric will start channeling an AoE attack that can revive Lorian to half health and also deals decent damage.

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First Phase

There are two phases of this fight. In the first phase, you will have to fight Lorian, Elder Brother. The first phase is quite straightforward. The boss's attacks are quite slow and give you enough time to give two hits after every horizontal strike. You can also heal after successfully dodging the horizontal slashes and getting behind him. However, you need to be careful not to use two Estus Flasks as the boss can attack you while you're drinking the second one.

Try to save as many Estus Flasks as you can for the second phase, as you will be taking more damage in that one.

If you are planning on using NPC summons for this fight, then you need to make sure that you aggro the boss most of the time. This is because the damage that the boss outputs is a lot. The NPCs tend not to dodge all the attacks, making them die more quickly. The second phase is where your summons will be more useful, so it's best to keep them alive for later. You can also summon White Phantoms (the term used for online players). Normally, players will know what to do and how to dodge enemy attacks.

The fight is more difficult for Sorcerers and Pyromancers. Even though you can manage through the first phase, the second one will be more difficult as you have to deal damage to both bosses. If you are playing as a Pyromancer, Great Choas Fire Orb or Choas Bed Vestiges are excellent options for this fight as they have high output damage.

For Sorcerers, you can use Great Heavy Soul Arrow. Get as far away from the boss as you can and start spamming your casts. When the boss gets near you, run away to the opposite side and keep doing the same. If you can manage to summon a melee White Phantom, then you can let the Phantom aggro while you nuke the boss from afar.

The boss has a weak resistance towards Fire, so using Charcoal Pine Resin on your melee armament can be of great use in this fight.

Second Phase

As you take out Lorian's entire health, a cutscene will play, and the second phase will start. In this one, you will have to face Lorian again while Lothric is on his brother's back. Lothric will cast Homing Magic spells while Lorian will attack you with his slash attacks. This phase becomes hard as you have to dodge every attack the bosses throw at you. Lothric's attacks might be easy to dodge, but if you get hit by them while dodging Lorian's attack, you will lose around half of your health.

Be wary of his teleportation attack. This is because when the boss teleports, your lock on will be broken. During the second phase, this is much more terrifying because, at times, Lothric can cast a Homing Spell before teleporting. This will cause your lock on to stop working, and you will get hit by a stray Arrow from another area of the arena. As the teleportation goes through, you need to look around and lock on instantly and go towards the boss and continue the fight.

On top of all that, Lothric also has the ability to revive Lorian to half health. In order to end this fight as soon as possible, you will need to dodge Lorian's attack and try to get behind the boss. This will allow you to deal damage to both bosses at the same time. During the animation of Lothric reviving Lorian, you can get a lot of hits. However, keep in mind that his revival ability is also an AoE attack that deals serious damage once the cast is over.

You can use a high-resistance shield to block most of Lorian's attacks. However, during the second phase, try not to block Lothric's Magic spells and Lorian's slashes at the same time.

If you manage to kill Lothric even when Lorian has a lot of health left, the fight will finish, and they will both die.

For ranged build users, the second phase of this fight will be hard as you need to be towards the back of the boss to deal damage to both bosses. Doing this as a Sorcerer or Pyromancer can prove challenging. You will need the help of your summons for the second phase as they will have to aggro most of the time.

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