Dark Souls 3 PC Servers Are Offline Again Due To A "Confirmed Problem"

It hasn't been a great year for Dark Souls fans on PC. Ever since a dangerous exploit was discovered way back in January, the online servers for all three games in the series have been disabled until FromSoftware fixes the issue. While Dark Souls Remastered and Dark Souls 2 remain offline, it was announced in August that the servers for Dark Souls 3 were back online, much to the joy of increasingly irritated fans. Unfortunately, it hasn't lasted very long.

In a new tweet via the official Dark Souls Twitter account (thanks VGC), FromSoftware has explained that the online servers for Dark Souls 3 have been disabled once again due to a "confirmed problem." There is currently no explanation of what the issue actually is or how long it will take to resolve, but FromSoftware is apparently "investigating the source of the problem" and will provide more details when it has them.

While we have no idea what the issue actually is, it's unlikely we'll have to wait another 7 months for FromSoftware to restore the game to its former glory. It's also possible that this may slightly delay the restoration of servers for the other games in the series, as FromSoftware explained back in May that it would be progressively bringing back servers starting with Dark Souls 3.

In much lighter Dark Souls-related news, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has been looking back at some of FromSoftware's older titles for inspiration, pinching an interesting mechanic that far more games should take advantage of. Just like with the Old Monk from Demons' Souls and the Looking Glass Knight in Dark Souls 2, Wo Long will feature big bad enemies that will summon other real-life players to help them to take you down.

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