Days Gone: Patjens Lake Infestation Guide

As you adventure around post-apocalyptic Oregon in Days Gone, you will find infestation nests where some freaks hibernate during the day. When you first arrive at Patjens Lake, Deacon will recognise that there are nests in the area that you should clear.

Patjens Lake is found North of Hot Springs camp. Deacon will travel to this area during the story mission ‘What Did You Do’. Clearing these nests is essential, as they prevent you from fast travelling around the Patjens Lake region.

Patjens Lake Infestation Nest Guide

There are three nests to clear, but they are quite spread out. Stay near your bike so that you can quickly travel between them. Make sure you are always prepared with ammo and petrol. Patjens Lake is dangerous, especially early in the game.

Patjens Lake Nest #1

You’ll find the first nest as you travel along the main road North from Tucker’s Camp. When you see an ambulance near a big lodge to the right of the road, you’ll be almost there. Keep going forward until you see a short bridge off the main road. The white truck on the bridge will be infested with freaks.

Patjens Lake Nest #2

Further North from the truck, there is a small shack. The second nest is inside. Once you have destroyed it, look around for some supplies, a bandage, and a Hatchet for Deacon.

Patjens Lake Nest #3

The final nest at Patjens Lake is in a building near the radio tower. This is on a hill to the North West of the first nests. Look for the tower to help locate the infestation, as you will be able to see it rising above the hills near the lake.

Patjens Lake Survival Tips

As you approach the first nest, take a look inside the lodge for some useful supplies. Some ammo and bandages can spawn there, which you will need to fight the freaks.

The Patjens Lake infestations are all situated around Rebel Rock Cave – the location of a large freaker horde. If you are clearing the nests in the day then you should be fine. However, as soon as it turns night, the horde will leave the cave and start wandering around the Patjens Lake area.

The best tactic for destroying the horde early in the game is luring it back to Tucker’s Camp in Hot Springs. This is only a few hundred metres away and their guards rip through the horde much faster than Deacon could.

If you can defeat the horde, or take a chance whilst they are roaming at night, you will find a NERO injector in the cave. Use this to upgrade one of Deacon’s core attributes: Health, Stamina or Focus.

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