De Pasquale, van Gisbergen share Brazil spoils

Anton De Pasquale and Shane van Gisbergen split the Supercars All Stars Eseries race wins on the Interlagos circuit.

The two regular front-runners kicked off the opener in Brazil with a bang, the pair making contact on the run to Turn 1.

De Pasquale was able to hang on to his lead while van Gisbergen dropped into third behind fan competition winner Fawzan El-Nabi.

The Red Bull Holden did pick up damage, though, van Gisbergen opting to take his compulsory stop at the end of Lap 1 to get some repairs.

That left De Pasquale and El-Nabi out front, the Erebus driver weathering some early pressure before settling into the lead.

El-Nabi made his compulsory stop on Lap 4, coming out behind van Gisbergen. He wasn’t there for long, through, barging his way past into Turn 1 on the next lap.

That battle was good news for De Pasquale, who made his stop on Lap 5, emerged with the effective lead and then cruised to a 2.6s win over El-Nabi, who seemed to lose some speed running wide during the second stint.

“It was good to get the win,” said De Pasquale. “Fawzan was coming at me and he’s fast as. I’m lucky he ran a bit of grass and a bit of fence that slowed him up a bit and gave me a bit of breather.”

Van Gisbergen finished third ahead of Cam Waters, Fabian Coulthard and Lee Holdsworth.

For the second time tonight Scott McLaughlin finished ninth after being spun.

This time it was a Lap 1 tap from Chaz Mostert that did the damage, McLaughlin dropping back to 24th while the Walkinshaw driver was hit with a drive-through.

That left them on the same bit of track for the run home, Mostert just edging McLaughlin for eighth.

The 20-lap reverse grid race got off to a predictably messy start, the Safety Car out within seconds thanks to a pile-up in the midfield.

That led to the majority of the field hitting the lane as soon as the window opened on Lap 2, McLaughlin faring best of the front-runners as he emerged on the front of the Top 10.

Van Gisbergen and De Pasquale both lost out, ending up at the back of the Top 20, the latter opting to serve his second compulsory stop once the race went green.

As those that didn’t stop during the caution pitted McLaughlin ended up in the lead ahead of Mostert and van Gisbergen.

By Lap 11 van Gisbergen was in second and all over the back of McLaughlin, prompting the Penske driver to make his second stop.

Van Gisbergen waited until Lap 13 to take his second tour of the lane, initially emerging behind McLaughlin and Mostert again.

But he was quickly right under McLaughlin’s rear wing, the pair running side-by-side for a number of corners on Lap 17 as van Gisbergen successfully executed the race-winning move.

The second win of the night leaves van Gisbergen with a 146-point series lead.

“That third [race] coming back through was a lot of fun,” said van Gisbergen.

“There’s always a lot of action. With Chaz and Scotty at the end it was heaps of fun.”

Mostert came home third ahead of wildcard starter James Golding and Waters, while De Pasquale could only work his way back to sixth, one spot ahead of El-Nabi.

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