Dead By Daylight Portrait Of A Murder Is Out Now

There's some big news for fans of the brutal murder simulator, Dead By Daylight, as its newest chapter of violence has officially launched today. Portrait Of A Murder will feature a new killer, survivor, map, and more, which should be exciting for players looking for new content in this bloody game of hide and seek.

First, there's the new killer, The Artist, aka Carmina Mora. She was once a gifted artist until a murder of crows warped her into the twisted being that you'll either play as or be stalked by. Now she's a demonic creature with claw-like tendrils and black eyes who can summon Dire Crows to attack her victims with her killer power, Birds Of Torment. She's very spooky.

Along with The Artist, Portrait Of A Killer will also add a new survivor and a new map. You'll be able to control Jonah Vasquez, a Mexican-American CIA codebreaker who will hopefully be able to endure The Artist's special brand of bird-powered mayhem. As for the new map, players will travel to the Forsaken Boneyard, a dilapidated Chilean graveyard inspired by surrealist artwork.

In addition to this DLC, a set of cosmetics will be released that will give three lucky killers some rare, holiday-themed outfits. After all, even murderers like to celebrate the festive season. The Artist will receive the Winter Reverie Outfit that will adorn her with a lovely frostbitten gown and less lovely clusters of ice embedded in her flesh. The Spirit's Crystalline Apparition Outfit will give them frosty hair and a blade of sharp ice. Last but not least, Ghostface will get the Icebound Phantom Outfit, which will add a whole lot of ice to his trademark mask, robe, and knife. So if you want to celebrate the holidays and kill other Dead By Daylight players in style, this is the cosmetic pack for you.

All of this content releases around the same time that Dead By Daylight officially joins the Epic Games Store. On December 2nd at 11 AM EST, this multiplayer horror spectacular will launch on the digital storefront along with all of its previous DLCs and editions. To celebrate the launch, Dead By Daylight will be free as long as you claim it on the Epic Games Store between December 2nd and December 9th. Most of its DLCs will also be 50% off, so new players will be able to join in on the terrifying fun and save some money at the same time.

You can purchase Portrait Of A Murderer today on Steam, the Microsoft Store, and Google Stadia for $6.99, and on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch for $7.99. And as previously mentioned, this DLC will also be on the Epic Games Store for $6.99 when Dead By Daylight launches there on December 2nd.

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