Dead By Daylight: Rebecca Chambers Best Builds And Play Guide

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  • An Introduction To Rebecca Chambers
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  • Rebecca Chamber's Lore-Based Build

The community couldn't be happier when Dead By Daylight announced their Chapter 25 to be another license from Resident Evil. Albert Wesker, Ada Wong, and Rebecca Chambers were released to the game as a part of this chapter, allowing everyone to survive/kill as these characters to their heart's content.

Rebecca Chambers is one of the most popular supporting characters from the Resident Evil franchise, and her being a part of the game as a main character took everyone by surprise. Players looked forward to surviving as her ever since the trailer was revealed.

An Introduction To Rebecca Chambers

In the official trailer, this character is seen carrying Meg Thomas, and tending to her wounds once they feel safe. From the very start, she strikes as a supportive character who would do anything in her power to help her team stay safe. She seems to be a trained medic as well.

Further, in her lore, it's mentioned that she went into the fog to try and save the members of the squad that she was a part of. Being a beloved support character, Rebecca's personal perks in Dead By Daylight include Better Than New, Reassurance, and Hyperfocus.

Perk Synergies With Better Than New

This is one of the few perks in the game that activates on another survivor, and not yourself. Whenever you finish healing a survivor, they gain a 16 percent boost in healing, opening chests, cleansing, and blessing totems. You'd think a perk like this wouldn't have a lot of synergies, but that's not true.

The only catch is that it doesn't directly buff you in any way, only your teammates. With that in mind, here are the perks you can use to synergize with Better Than New:

For The PeopleIf you're healthy, you can instantly heal another survivor's health state at the cost of one of yours, giving you the Broken status effect for a while.

This perk synergizes really well with Better Than New since you don't have to waste time healing the survivor, and you can give them the speed buff instantly. Using a med-kit with this can benefit you even more.

Blood PactThe survivor you finish healing will already get a speed boost to a bunch of mechanics. And with Blood Pact, you can also get a movement speed boost as far as you and the survivor you heal stay in proximity with each other.

This speed can further be combined with Hope to make it impossible to catch you in the endgame.

Faster Healing PerksPerks like Boon: Circle of Healing or Botany Knowledge allow you to heal other players even faster. Since Better Than New is all about saving time, healing your teammate faster will definitely contribute to that, making a noticeable difference in your game.
AftercareUsing this perk, whenever you heal a survivor, both of you will be able to see each other's aura for a very long time. This stays until you get hooked, allowing you to see what the survivor is doing with the speed buffs that you provided them.
Empathy and Empathic ConnectionIt's well and good to see the survivor's aura after you heal them, but in order to use Better Than New, you first need to find the injured survivors.

Empathy allows you to see the aura of injured survivors, while Empathic Connection allows an injured survivor to see your aura. This makes it much easier to put this perk to use.

Borrowed TimeIf you're planning to heal the survivor as soon as you unhook them, this perk can come in handy. With Borrowed Time, the survivor gets a 20-second Endurance effect, allowing them to be safe in case the killer comes back while you're healing them, which takes 16 seconds without any buffs.
AutodidactWhile this perk takes a little while to set up, it can give you exponentially good value if you get five stacks while you're trying to heal everyone to give them the speed buff.
SolidarityWhen you're healing other survivors, there will be times when you are injured yourself. With Solidarity, you can get 50 percent healing progression after fully healing them, allowing you to get healed very fast with the 16 percent boost that you'll give your teammate.

Perk Synergies With Reassurance

There are limited perks in the game that can pause your hook timer, and Reassurance is one of them. Whenever you get within six meters of the hooked survivor, you can pause their timer for 30 seconds. This can be done once every hook state, making it so they can stay on the hook for three minutes in total.

While this perk is decent when used just by yourself, it can be much better if you're playing with friends and everyone uses it. Camping is common in Dead By Daylight, and this perk counters it very hard.

That said, Reassurance can have a bunch of synergies allowing you to find the perfect time to use the perk.

KindredWhenever a survivor is hooked, this perk reveals the aura of the killer if they're around the hooked survivor. While there are other effects to it, this is what helps with the synergy.

Using it, you can find out if the killer is camping, which lets you know the perfect time to get close and activate Reassurance on the survivor, giving the rest of your team a lot of time to finish generators.

KinshipThe only other perk in the game that pauses the hook timer. For Kinship, your hook timer gets paused when you're on the hook if another survivor gets near you, and this only happens in the struggle phase. When these two perks are combined, they will leave the killer scratching their head, wondering why the survivors aren't running out of hook time.
DeliveranceThere might be times when you have to trade places with the hooked survivor even after activating Reassurance because the killer won't leave. In these scenarios, Deliverance can help you escape when you get hooked in the survivor's place.
GuardianIf you're going to activate Reassurance on a survivor, you'll be the one to rescue them in most scenarios. With Guardian on, you'll provide them with a seven percent haste effect that stacks with the base-kit speed. They also leave no scratch marks or blood pools, allowing them to escape.

Perk Synergies With Hyperfocus

Hyperfocus is the kind of perk that makes it fun to repair generators, even after thousands of hours of gameplay. Whenever you hit a great skill check with this perk, there is an extra chance for the next skill check to spawn — and it also makes it faster.

Plus, you get a stack of this perk that increases the progression you get from great skill checks. You can get up to six stacks, making this perk have a very high skill ceiling. The perks to go along with this and make it a little easier are:

Stake OutIt's like this perk was made specifically to synergize with Hyperfocus. After being in the killer's terror radius for a while, you get a stack of this perk (up to four).

Whenever you hit a good skill check, a stack gets consumed, and it makes it a great skill check. This makes it so you get at least four stacks of Hyperfocus with maximum stacks of Stake Out.

This Is Not HappeningWhenever you're injured, this perk makes your great skill check zone get 30 percent bigger, allowing you to hit them more easily. This combination can also be combined with Resilience to finish the generator even faster when injured.
Fast TrackEvery time a survivor is hooked, you get three stacks of this perk. Whenever you hit a great skill check on a generator, you get one percent extra progression for each of the perk's stacks that you possess. With this and Hyperfocus, you'll be surprised at the speed you can complete a generator.
TechnicianIn the beginning, when you're getting used to Hyperfocus, this perk can help you prevent the killer from being alerted when you miss a skill check, which is going to happen a lot.

While it's not a perk synergy, toolboxes deserve an honorary mention when we talk about Hyperfocus. Using a toolbox gives you a higher chance to spawn a skill check. With Build To Last, you can use toolboxes multiple times, making it quite an overpowered combination.

Rebecca Chamber's Lore-Based Build

Having well over 80 survivor perks in the game with each of them having its own personality, you can make an entire build based on Rebecca Chamber's lore and personality. Here are the perks involved in that:

We'll Make ItAs Rebecca, you dedicate your life to making sure your teammates are in a decent health state. Whenever you unhook a survivor, you can heal them really fast, making sure they stay healthy.
Boon: Circle Of HealingCaring about your squad, you'll do everything you can to provide them aid, and having an area where they can take care of themselves is one of the possibilities.
No One Left BehindShe entered the fog just to find and protect her squad members. Hence, she's definitely not the kind of survivor to sacrifice a teammate for her own benefit.
ReassuranceAs the person in the team who provides motivation, she's always there to reassure her teammates that everything is going to be okay, even if they're getting face camped by a dangerous killer.

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