Dead Cells Is Only "Mid-life", Boss Rush Coming In Fall

The life of Dead Cells is certainly not over. Oh no. Its developer Motion Twin has a whole bunch of updates and content heading to the game, even though it launched in 2018 Dead Cells remains very much alive in 2022 and will be supported beyond this year too.

Motion Twin has released a new roadmap for Dead Cells that shows off plans for the rest of 2022, and into next year (via Eurogamer). This summer players can expect to see "the long awaited panchaku" and a new "flame head outfit based on our beloved animated trailers" alongside weapons rebalancing. Maybe taking a nod from certain other titles, players will soon be able to pet pets too.

But the autumn will see the biggest addition in the form of the new Boss Rush area. Like Metroid Dread's boss rush mode players will test their skills as they face off against Dead Cell's bosses in an unbroken sequence. Fighting through them players will unlock items to aid their progression.

Boss Rush will have a few different 'modes' to spice up the challenge and the dev is "potentially" adding a scoreboard to "add a bit of friendly competition". Moving on from fall, there'll more content dropping before the winter holiday but what that will be is not revealed, just the tease that there will be "New stuff to play with…"

In 2023, big things are planned as Motion Twin calls it "the most exciting year in Dead Cells' history!" and it being the "biggest year since the 1.0 launch". While dates for the above have been revealed, it's best to give the developer a little leeway and flexibility as it elaborated that the schedule isn't set in stone. But for Dead Cells fans it's things to look forward to.

"What we're getting at here is that we're very much in the mid-life of Dead Cells. We're not sneaking out at night to get drunk on street corners anymore, but we've still got plently of life in us before our knees start to give in, so prepare yourselves for more Dead Cells content," Motion Twin said.

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