Dead Cells Update Adds Christmas Outfits And The Long-Awaited Katana

The rogue-lite Metroidvania Dead Cells is jumping into the festivities with its own Christmas-themed update, one that lets you change all the food in-game to cheese and don a red-and-white Santa costume or a Frosty the Snowman getup.

That’s not all that the Malaise update adds, however, as Motion Twin also threw in a katana, meaning that you can get into the holiday spirits by dressing up as Santa and slicing apart your foes with a neat new sword.

As the name of the update would suggest, the long-requested katana isn’t the only inclusion. Malaise as a mechanic has been overhauled, with some key changes – the bar now fills with game time and the contamination rate is linked to how many enemies are left. Higher malaise means more dangerous foes but being hit doesn’t increase malaise anymore. Food in walls will always be contaminated, now, and this means it will increase malaise but, luckily, there’s an event that stops the bar filling until the end of the biome.

On top of that, there’s the new enemy based on a Discord community suggestion from Leylite#4491 that uses an explosive crossbow to hunt the player – he’s called the Demolisher for a fairly entertaining reason which the devs explained, “We called him the Demolisher because it reminds us of construction workers using explosives to do his job.”

Then, there’s the new tactic mutation called Ranger’s Gear which the devs describe as being like Scheme albeit for ranged weapons as the name would suggest. As well as the Ranger’s Gear, there are also four new normal mutations: Acrobatic Preparation, Porcupine Backpack, Tortoise Wheel, and Fatal Cadence.

It’s a fairly large update that seems very community-centric, especially with the festive, Christmas-based additions. Why not jump in as Frosty the Snowman and try out the new mutations and katana? It’s free, after all.

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