Dead Island 2 May Finally Come Out On Next-Gen Consoles

Every few months, we all assume that Dead Island 2 has been abandoned and left to rot in development hell, and then, a new ray of hope appears! Such has been the pattern over the last six years since the project was first announced at E3 in 2014, but recently developer Dambuster Studios posted a job opening for an Art Director to work on a game for “current and future platforms.”

This far along, it might not be out of the question to see the game pushed as a PS5 or Xbox Series X launch title, because historically speaking, games do not sell in the final months of being replaced by the next generation of console.

With that said, this could simply be another red herring. There have been several announcements by the developer in past years as the project has changed hands that yes, Dead Island 2 is coming. As more time went by this became harder to believe, but then there was an unexpected surprise as pre-orders appeared on the Microsoft Store with a launch date of December 31, 2019.

Obviously, Dead Island 2 did not launch on that date.

We certainly hope that Dead Island 2 launches in the future, on this generation’s console or the next, but as more time goes on that possibility becomes smaller and smaller.

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