Dead Space: 10 Best Weapon Upgrades

The remake of the classic sci-fi horror game Dead Space is not for the faint of heart. Flesh-hungry necromorphs and the cold vacuum of space await those who board the Ishimura. Isaac, and you, for that matter, have your work cut out for you if you want to find out what's behind this horrible infestation.

To survive the various decks of the ship, you'll need to outfit Isaac with the best weapons you can find. Thankfully, there are plenty of upgrades available for his arsenal. But which of them gives you the best bang for your buck, and which ones should you pass on?

10 Flamethrower – High-Pressure Nozzle

While it may not be the most commonly used weapon, the flamethrower can be a valuable tool for those who learn its abilities.

The High-Pressure Nozzle special upgrade is perfect for those who love the flamethrower but don't like how close they have to get to use it. This upgrade makes the gout of fire that it shoots far longer, allowing you a few extra feet between you and that necromorph that's creeping closer. Extra space that may end up being the difference between life and death in the tight hallways of the Ishimura.

9 Force Gun – Gravitic Amplifier

The force gun has a pretty deadly primary fire, allowing you to really do some damage to the limbs of the necromorphs, but its secondary fire is incredibly useful.

Using it launches a gravity well, a sort of little black hole that pulls enemies toward it. The gravitic amplifier adds more range to this effect, therefore drawing in more necromorphs from a larger area. This is a great option to combine with other weapons for easy targeting, or for a little bit of extra time when you get bogged down with enemies.

8 Ripper – Angled Launcher

The ripper is a gruesome weapon, to be sure. It doesn't take long to be in awe of the saw blades bouncing around the ship, taking off limbs wherever it goes.

The angled launcher adds more ricochets to the saw blades that you launch. More ricochets mean the potential for more enemies hit, therefore saving you ammo as you go. It takes a little finesse, but after a while, you'll get the hang of prepping your shots with the ripper for maximum damage.

7 Pulse Rifle – Kinetic Autoloader

In an arsenal of industrial tools repurposed as weapons, the pulse rifle is unique in the aspect of actually being a weapon in its primary function.

While not the best at dismemberment, it has its uses for sure. The kinetic autoloader allows for faster firing, which with a gun that doesn't have much damage per individual shot, is perfect. The pulse rifle is a great backup weapon, and this makes its primary fire a much more useable option in a fight when other weapons aren't, well… cutting it.

6 Plasma Cutter – Heat Accumulator

The plasma cutter is the classic Dead Space weapon. It's as synonymous with the series as Isaac is, so why not upgrade it as much as you can?

In addition to its cutting beam, each shot now does burning damage to whatever it hits too. If you find yourself maining the plasma cutter, then this is a good choice as it adds just a bit more bang for your buck. It may not be the best upgrade, but if you find it, you may as well use it.

5 Contact Beam – Supersymmetry Tether

The main fire of the contact beam may seem deadly enough, but the secondary-fire option is absolutely devastating.

It fires a steady beam of energy at whatever you aim it at, dealing immense damage as it hits. The supersymmetry tether increases the beam's size, allowing you to hit more enemies with it. This allows you to cover a larger target area, which makes the secondary fire that much more of a good tool when facing more enemies or just allowing you to be less picky with your aiming.

4 Pulse Rifle – Proximity Mines

The pulse rifle's secondary-fire option is particularly fearsome even with the base weapon, but when upgraded, it can be a showstopper.

The proximity mine upgrade does exactly what it says, it changes the grenades the weapon launches into proximity mines. This is perfect for setting traps, allowing the setting to work for you. Blowing the legs off a necromorph coming at you and finishing them off with the weapon's main fire is usually a solid option in most fights. Don't sleep on it.

3 Pulse Rifle – High Yield Grenades

Speaking of the pulse rifle's secondary fire, if you aren't a fan of proximity mines, then check out the high-yield grenade option.

Instead of changing the way the alternate-fire works, this upgrade simply makes the grenades deadlier. It makes the explosions do a larger radius of damage, knocking off more limbs off more necromorphs. Which is really never a bad idea, especially when crowd control comes into play.

2 Line Gun – Precision Lasers

The line gun is a great weapon for setting traps, which in Dead Space, can be the perfect way for getting out of later engagements alive.

The precision laser upgrade makes setting traps that much easier. It equips the lines you shoot with three tripwire lasers instead of just one. That means a wider range of area that they can cover, which adds up to using less ammo to put traps covering a hallway. It's perfect for making sure the necromorphs stay far away from you.

1 Plasma Cutter – Weighted Blades

The plasma cutter is the first weapon you get in the game. Knowing that, it should also be a focus of your upgrades. Whether you use it as a backup or as your weapon of choice, it's never a bad idea to put time into the plasma cutter.

The weighted blades upgrade allows the plasma cutter to do more melee damage and give a bigger knockdown too. When things get a little too close for comfort, this is a definite upgrade that will keep Isaac alive for longer.

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