DeadCraft: Building Your Character

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Character building is a primary concern in any RPG. It's typical to see players toil over discovering the best weapons, armor, and stat attributes. So, is there an optimal build for Reid, the playable character in the survival-horror RPG, Deadcraft?

Reid does not have a "best build." On the contrary, his character progression is very linear. You can learn every skill and max out Reid's stats to capacity as long as you keep playing. There's no compromising one trait for another, which is fantastic! Keep reading, and we'll teach you the basics of Reid's skill trees so you can learn everything he has to offer.

How Does The Skill Menu Work?

Unlike other RPG protagonists, Deadcraft's Reid does not "level up." However, he can learn skills and abilities that increase his stats and improve survival proficiency. You'll learn these skills in the Skills section of the Pause menu.

The Skills menu is a lot like your typical skill tree. You learn base-level skills first. Then, you can upgrade these skills based on the branches each skill unlocks. Finally, you continue down each branch as you see fit. However, higher-level abilities are behind campaign checkpoint requirements, such as reaching a new location in the game. So, you'll have to continue through the main story if you wish to get stronger.

Of course, skills and abilities are not free. You need to exchange SP, or Survival Points, to learn them.

What Are Survival Points, And How Can I Get Them?

Survival points are similar to XP. Performing various tasks, such as collecting items or defeating enemies, earns SP. You can also attain SP by completing missions. Additionally, gaining SP becomes easier as you acquire new skills, like cooking, crafting, and farming. In short, any time you create a new item, you'll earn more SP. In this regard, Deadcraft's progression system rewards those eager to learn.

What Kinds Of Skills Can I Learn?

The Skill menu covers a lot of ground. First, you can use it to improve Reid's stats. However, you can also teach Reid how to craft new items, learn recipes, and farm new produce. Here are the various skillsets covered by Deadcraft's Skill menu:

  • Abilities: This section covers Reid's stats, such as his HP, Energy, Food, Water, and Zombie gauges. Furthermore, you can improve Reid's harvesting and hunting abilities to earn more materials. Lastly, you can make daily tasks, like watering your crops, faster to perform while conserving energy.
  • Melee Weapons: This section is for learning to craft close-range weapons, such as knives, clubs, and even weed whackers!
  • Ranged Weapons: This section covers guns, gunpowder, and ammunition.
  • Farming/Home Base: This section is where you'll learn anything related to your home base. On the one hand, you can pick up new farming skills. On the other hand, you can learn how to craft new facilities for your base, like a field or a storage shed.
  • Placeables: Placeables cover traps, mines, fences, and other things you can position in a combat zone.
  • Survival: The Survival section is where you'll learn how to cook recipes, concoct potions, and filter water. You'll also learn to create new facilities, like fire pits, junk screens, and pyres.

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