Deliver Us Mars: Chapter Five Walkthrough

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Chapter Five in Deliver Us Mars sees Kat reunited with the rest of Opera Team. Together, they'll explore the mysterious ARK Habitas, the living quarters for Project Outward. Despite not showing any signs of life, there's still plenty of danger in Habitas – especially when Kat makes a perilous climb up the colony's superstructure.

If any of the obstacles in Chapter Five have you stumped, this guide will get you moving again. Read on to find every route, sequence, and solution to unlock more of Outward's secrets and see what else there is to discover.

How To Open The First Door In ARK Habitas

Chapter Five opens without fanfare; you simply have to drive the rover through the valley. You’ll have to turn slightly right as you approach ARK Habitas, and eventually you’ll find the road blocked by some equipment; exit the rover here and continue to the ARK on foot.

Note that you can’t turn simply by moving the camera while driving the rover – you have to use the directional controls to steer.

Walk to the elevator directly under the ARK structure and use it to enter. At the top, step off of the elevator and look for an airlock to your right. Step through to reunite with Ryan and Sarah.

After a brief chat with Ryan, continue forward and take a right to enter another airlock. You need to activate some MPT panels to proceed. Crouch under the half-closed door and cut open the floor panel inside. An MPT emitter will emerge.

Note the tripod nearby – this is an MPT Splitter, which allows you to use a single emitter to hit two receivers at reduced power. Use it to reduce the power of the emitter and open the door to the storage closet. It only opens partway, so send AYLA through the tunnel near where Ryan and Sarah are waiting.

Have AYLA move the splitter in the closet closer to the door. Kat can then pick it up and bring it into the emitter room. Set it up by the window facing the two receivers outside.

Realign the emitter and the first splitter; send the main beam through the first splitter, powering the right-hand receiver. Send the other beam to the second splitter, further reducing its power, and use it to power the left-hand receiver. When both receivers are powered, you can pass through the door beyond. Follow Sarah and Ryan upstairs to trigger a cutscene.

How To Open The Medical Bay Storage Room

When gameplay resumes, you’ll be in ARK Habitas’ medical wing. Proceed through the hallway, checking for collectibles in the side rooms that you pass. Beyond the hospital ward, you’ll find a set of stairs leading up to Rosa’s office. View the hologram there before continuing.

In the next corridor, crouch under the half-closed door and check the room on the left. Inside, you’ll find a floor panel that can be cut open to activate an MPT emitter. There’s no accessible receiver yet, so go back out and continue down the corridor.

At the end of the hall you can re-enter the stairwell. Go up one flight to reach the pharmacy, which requires power to enter. Look for a door on your right marked “Storage.” Next to it is a tunnel that AYLA can pass through. It’s easy to miss as you pass, so be on the lookout!

Have AYLA hack the door panel from the far side of the tunnel, clearing the way for Kat to enter. Cut open the floor panel, then bring the MPT splitter out to the hallway. Aim it down the corridor at the left-hand receiver, which requires four units of power. Fire the emitter through the splitter to open the door at the end of the hall.

Retrieve the resistor from the now-accessible room, and place it in front of the storage room door. Align the splitter’s second beam through the resistor to hit the door panel with the correct power level. With the door powered, you can interact with the lock to enter and trigger a cutscene.

How To Reach The Top Of ARK Habitas

Return to the storage room to find another MPT splitter at the far end. The doors here now open from the inside, and you can cut a grate open near the entrance to easily return to the emitter. Bring the splitter to the room at the end of the corridor and aim it at the receiver over the exit door.

Next, retrieve the resistor and place it in front of the new splitter. Note that doing so will lock the storage room door again, so you’ll have to use your new entrances if you need to go back. Finally, realign the first splitter so that the beam that was opening the storage room door now goes to the second splitter. This should divert and dilute the beam enough to open the way forward.

Be careful not to realign the beam that’s holding the door at the end of the hall open!

Cross the bridge to the nursery and view the hologram there, then go out to the balcony and start climbing the wall.

This climb is easy compared to what you went through in the previous chapter, though you may have to move slightly to one side to avoid the obstacles in the center.

At the top of the wall, vault over the equipment in your way and climb to the next floor up. Look to your right for another set of climbable equipment, and use the pipes to continue upward. When you reach the next floor, walk out onto the pipe over the corridor, being careful not to fall. Turn right and jump onto the cylinder.

Now comes the dangerous part – get a running start and jump across to the cylinder on the other side of the chasm.

Remember that you need to release the sprint button just before jumping, or you’ll just run over the edge to your death.

Use your picks to ascend the climbing wall. You’ll have to be very careful where you place your picks on this climb – it helps if you don’t extend your arm fully when taking corners so that you have room to maneuver with the next pick. If you get stuck, go back a little and adjust your approach.

At the top of the wall, go to the other end of the corridor and use the catwalk to cross the chasm again. On the other side, jump to the small platform to your right. Vault and crouch among the pipes beyond, then take a running jump to cross the chasm again.

Climb the nearby pipes, then turn around. You’ll see a gantry with an MPT emitter. Jump to it, vaulting over the safety rail, and cut open the floor plate. Aim the emitter up and to the left, at the receiver over the crew quarters. Kat will automatically return to Ryan and Sarah once the power is restored.

How To Investigate The PANACEA Engine

After the cutscene, scan the PANACEA Engine, then start inspecting its constituent parts. Look at the sphere, the floating panels around it, and the equipment at the base. When that’s done, check the terminal near the window to the left, and the elevator on the far side of the Engine. Finally, talk to Sarah by the hologram table on the right.

When gameplay resumes, follow Sarah and Ryan out the door and to the right. Around the corner is a vent that AYLA can go through – cut it open and send her to listen to your crewmates’ conversation.

There’s only one path, so follow it until Sarah and Ryan’s voices become distinct. When their conversation ends, Kat will tell AYLA to come back. You can make your way back through the pipes, or simply return to controlling Kat to end the chapter.

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