Demon's Souls PS5: players must choose between frame rate and graphics

Demon’s Souls for PS5 will have improved visuals, but players will need to prioritise either frame rate or fidelity.

While the rumoured Bloodborne remaster for PlayStation 5 and PC was absent from last night’s PlayStation 5 event, Bluepoint is working on another Dark Souls-like title, in the shape of spiritual predecessor, Demon’s Souls.

The brief trailer didn’t go into any detail but a PlayStation Blog update has confirmed that it is a full-fledged remake of the PlayStation 3 title.

It’s not too surprising to know that it will be using the new ray-tracing technology to create better visuals and have improved shadow effects, but it sounds like you’ll have to pick between two different graphics modes depending on your priorties.

‘Players can choose between two graphics modes while playing: one focused on fidelity and one focused on frame rate,’ reads the post, which sounds like the game won’t be able to support both at the same time.

Considering how much Sony and other developers have hyped up the power of the PlayStation 5, and how much better games will look, this is very disappointing and undermines the idea of the next generation being a major leap in graphical abilities.

There’s currently no word on what frame rates will be offered but we can probably assume that it will run at a smooth 60 frames per second if you pick the frame rate mode and 30fps for the fidelity mode.

Whether this will apply to any other PlayStation 5 games isn’t known, but it seems likely. Which is a great pity as multiple graphic options, all of which are a compromise, is something many would’ve have assumed was being left behind in the next generation.

It’s all rather disappointing that those that want the game to look as good as possible will have to sacrifice frame rate to get that level of quality visuals, and vice-versa.

Demon’s Souls will release exclusively for PlayStation 5.

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