Destiny 2: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Cayde-6

Cayde-6 is far and away one of the most enigmatic and engaging characters in the Destiny 2 cast. He is lovable, hate able, and interesting, all things that may make Ikora Rey cringe, but make fans of the multiplayer sci-fi shooter fall in love with him.

Of all the things that are engaging about Cayde, it is those that we do not know that might be the most interesting. So here are some things that you probably have not heard about the gun-slinging Guardian.

10 Sundance Matches His Personality

Cayde-6's Ghost, Sundance, seemed to match in personality to Cayde himself very well. Unfortunately, like her Guardian, she was killed in the escape of the Prison of Elders.

Interestingly, she is said to have been killed by a Devourer bullet, the kind of ammo used in a Weapon of Sorrow. However, her killer, Pirrha, the Rifleman, is not reported to have used one.

9 His Son's Name Is Ace

We all know Cayde-6's famous weapon, the Ace of Spades, but what connection does that have to his previous life? Well when Sundance first revived him, he was holding a journal with the name Ace in it, who Cayde believes to be his son from his past life.

Despite his lack of memory of the child, Cayde still wrote journal entries addressed to Ace. His weapon name is another way of keeping that thread of memory alive.

8 Before He Became An Exo, He Was A Soldier

Like all Exos, Cayde-6 was human at one point. He apparently was a soldier that was in a massive amount of debt. So much so that he was unable to keep his family safe.

Unfortunately, that vice stayed with him through his various reincarnations as he always had a fondness for gambling which usually has dire consequences.

7 How He Became An Exo

Due to that extreme debt, Cayde sold his body to Clovis Bray. He was reportedly never told what the job was, but one day he showed up at Bray Exoscience on Europa and was converted into an Exo there.

Cayde had to be reset five times but still had flashbacks of the experience bleed through the fog. It wasn't a straigthforward experience.

6 He Was Originally Going To Be Uldren Sov

Initially, for The Taken King (Destiny's third major expansion), Cayde-6's role was to be played by none other than Uldren Sov, Queen Mara's brother.

Uldren was going to have that same happy-go-lucky demeanor as Cayde, but thankfully the writers split the character off into his own brooding situation. Plus now we have one of the most gripping character deaths in all of video game media, thanks to the new Uldren Sov.

5 He Is A Famous Gunslinger

Like with Ikora Rey, Cayde-6 is known for his use of a specific element in the Guardian subclasses, his being the Gunslinger. Much like you in game though, he can change his subclass at will, often using Flux Grenades that are a basis of the Bladedancer subclass.

Yes, this would be broken if used in-game, but there are moments in the comics where Cayde uses three super abilities, Golden Gun, in a row. It goes to show how much more powerful the Vanguard is than we are.

4 He Has Two Voice Actors

For most of Cayde's life in Destiny 2, he is voiced by Nathan Fillion best known for roles in Castle and Firefly. Fillion has also voiced characters in the Halo series. The prolific actor depicted the character in every expansion except Forsaken, when the role was taken over by Nolan North.

Taking over Cayde-6 in The Witch Queen, North has also lent his voice to Star Trek: Lower Decks, Rick and Morty, Family Guy and more. He also voices your Ghost, Guardian.

3 He Was A Previous Hunter Vanguard

The Hunter Vanguard is chosen through something called the Vanguard Dare. Hunters are not the type to sit around and lead, so the Hunter Vanguard position is always filled by someone who loses a bet.

Cayde and his friend Andal Brask had bet that who could kill the Fallen mercenary Taniks, the Scarred. The other would take the Vanguard. Cayde killed Taniks, or so we thought, only for the Fallen soldier to resurface later and kill Brask. In his grief, Cayde took up the mantle from his old friend.

2 His Memory Is That Of A Hunter

Cayde followed the traditions of hunters well: he was always on the move, always looking for adventure, and had an interesting way of bequeathing his possessions after he died.

Cayde-6 left his personal belongings to "whoever took him down", in this case meaning Uldren Sov. Now Crow, he regrets his time before enough that Crow couldn't possibly want to take those things, but they are his nonetheless.

1 His Place In The World Has Changed

For all the newer players out there, the introduction to Destiny 2 has changed over the years. As it stands now, we are met in the Cosmodrome by Shaw Han, a hunter working for the Vanguard who gives us the tutorial on how to be a Guardian.

Yet before his death, before the Red War and everything in the Last City fell apart, Cayde-6 himself was our first introduction to the world.

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