Destiny 2 Bug Is Deleting Entire Characters

Destiny 2 allows you to make up to three different characters, so players can have a Warlock, Titan, and Hunter each. However, a bug is apparently deleting these characters randomly, which is concering considering the time it takes to level up all of them.

Posted on the r/DestinyTheGame subreddit, user CyanSolar expressed their grief as they selected their Titan character and tried to log in as usual. However, a "Contacting Destiny 2 servers" message showed up at the bottom which took them back to the character select screen, only to find out that the Titan had magically disappeared. They even provided proof that the character is really gone as their profile now shows only the Warlock and Hunter.

Several comments on the post suggested that this is a common bug where the characters just disappear into thin air, but also warned that if that ever happened to you, do not create a new character. Simply shut the game and log back in and your characters should be back; however, this doesn't seem to be the case with CyanSolar as an update provided by them says that the Titan is still missing and that Bungie is yet to respond to the situation. Furthermore, they also seem to have lost all the crafted weapons that were on the character at that time.

This seems more like an isolated incident but is still scary as the grind to level up all your characters in Destiny 2 is quite tedious. Network issues are a common sight in Destiny 2 as players have complained about getting randomly kicked out of sessions on multiple occasions. However, losing a character that you have spent so many hours leveling up, without a trace, is alarming..

This is just one instance of how buggy the game feels right now as players have also complained about a Gambit bug that gives you no rewards and hands you a match suspension after completion. Players also complained about Iron Banner matches being a tedious grind just to unlock a shader, so they started losing on purpose to progress quickly.

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