Destiny 2: Every Cosmodrome Region Chest Location

Destiny’s Cosmodrome patrol space was added to Destiny 2 in the Beyond Light expansion. While some areas of the Cosmodrome are missing, Bungie has added a few surprises for players to find.

Region chests are a new addition to this space. These take the place of the original game’s golden chests, granting planetary materials and Glimmer when opened. All of these chests are marked on your map, but some of them can still be somewhat tricky to uncover. There are 15 in total for you to find. From The Divide to the Forgotten Shore, here is every region chest location on the Cosmodrome in Destiny 2.


The Cosmodrome has 15 region chests in total. There are three in each major zone: The Divide, The Steppes, Mothyards, Skywatch, and The Forgotten Shore.

The Divide #1

Head to the southeast part of The Divide. The chest can be found hiding behind some debris. If you played the original Destiny, it’s to the left of the Rocketyards entrance.

The Divide #2

In the southern section of The Divide, look east to find a destroyed wall beside a ruined overpass. Jump through the broken rebar to find a region chest.

The Divide #3

At the entrance to The Divide, make a right u-turn. The chest will be resting beside a wall.

The Steppes #1

This chest can be found at the end of the path from the central building in The Steppes. Descend the staircase to find a room with a few Fallen. Go through the hole in the right wall, then follow the flooded railway.

When you find a group of Hive, kill them and head left. In a side room will be the golden chest.

The Steppes #2

Near the southwestern corner of the central building is a cave entrance (shown above). Enter the cave to find a chest on your left.

The Steppes #3

Head to the northwestern cliffside in The Steppes. Look near the cliffside to find a region chest resting on a rock. Drop down to grab it.

Mothyards #1

Similar to the last chest, look near the southwestern cliffside of the Mothyards. It can be found right next to the shoreline.

Mothyards #2

On the eastern portion of the Mothyards is a crashed airplane with a wing jutting towards a cliffside. Use your Sparrow to run along the wing as a ramp, launching you towards a cave. Enter the cave to find the chest on your right.

Mothyards #3

At the base of the hill leading to the Lunar Complex is a narrow cave entrance. Enter this cave to find the golden region chest.

Skywatch #1

Head to the northern-most part of Skywatch. Jump over the fence to find a region chest overlooking the area.

Skywatch #2

In the southern part of Skywatch, drop down near the cliffside and look for a wall. There should be a hole in the center of the wall. Enter the hole, then turn right to find a region chest.

Skywatch #3

Destiny’s first loot cave houses this region chest. Right as you spawn in Skywatch, travel slightly west until you drop down in elevation. Turn around, then enter the cave.

Forgotten Shore #1

In the Forgotten Shore, head inside of the crashed ship. Run down the staircase to find a chest near the back of the ship’s hold.

Forgotten Shore #2

You can find this chest in the eastern-most section of the Forgotten Shore. It’ll be on an isolated piece of debris near the shore.

Forgotten Shore #3

The eastern building in the Forgotten Shore has a cave in its top-right corner. Inside this cave is a region chest.

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