Destiny 2: Every Nessus Region Chest Location

Nessus is one of the largest patrol spaces seen in the Destiny franchise. This destination has a wide range of Lost Sectors, region chests, and high-value targets for Guardians to find.

Region chests are an often overlooked secret, granting planetary materials and Glimmer when opened. While these chests can only be opened once, they provide a healthy sum of materials that you can trade to Banshee-44 or the Spider. Most of the chests on Nessus are easy to find, but a few of them are in strange locations. This guide will cover where to find all 21 of these golden chests on Nessus. Let’s begin!


Nessus has 21 region chests to uncover. You’ll find three of these golden chests in each of the following locations: Exodus Black, Glade of Echoes, The Cistern, The Tangle, Watcher’s Grave, Hallows, and Artifact’s Edge.

Note: As of writing this, there seems to be a bug where entering the Hallows will force Destiny 2 to crash. This only applies to the PC Steam version of Destiny 2. If you experience this problem, it’s best to wait until Bungie releases a patch that fixes this issue.

Exodus Black #1

When you spawn in the Exodus Black, turn right and climb up the elevated platforms. At the top platform will be a region chest.

Exodus Black #2

This chest can be found in the northern part of the Exodus Black in between some rock pillars.

Exodus Black #3

Travel east into the Chamber of Sky. When you reach the first room, head left of the portal stairs to find a chest.

Glade Of Echoes #1

This chest is located at the northwest corner of the Glade of Echoes. Look for an elevated land platform to find the chest.

Glade Of Echoes #2

Follow the southbound Glade of Echoes path until you find the containers shown above. Enter the containers, then head left to find a region chest hiding in a corner.

Glade Of Echoes #3

Travel to the southeast corner of the Glade of Echoes to find this chest. It’ll be hiding behind a small cluster of square stones in the corner of the zone.

The Cistern #1

You’ll find this golden chest in the eastern wall of The Cistern. When you enter a small room filled with Vex architecture, look for a gap in the eastern wall (shown above).

Jump into that hole to find a chest.

The Cistern #2

From the westbound path in The Cistern, head off your Sparrow and climb up the curved Vex structure on your left. It will reveal a linear path. Reach the end to find the chest.

The Cistern #3

Head to the northwest corner of The Cistern to find a broken Vex orb. Enter the orb to find this chest.

The Tangle #1

Travel to the Ancient’s Haunt Lost Sector on the western portion of The Tangle. Directly outside this Lost Sector is a large tree you can climb. Once on the tree, run to the branch facing north to find a chest resting on it.

The Tangle #2

You can find this chest directly above the “e” in “Tangle” on your map. Head to the Vex platform at the northeast quadrant of The Tangle. Instead of climbing up the structure, look at the southern portion of the structure to find a golden chest.

The Tangle #3

This chest can be found inside a Vex pillar on the northwest corner of the map.

Watcher’s Grave #1

From spawn, turn left and run up the Vex rocks. When you reach a dead-end, turn left to find a region chest tucked away in a corner.

Watcher’s Grave #2

Head to the platforms on the southern end of Watcher’s Grave. Jump atop the furthest one to find a region chest hiding behind a wall.

Watcher’s Grave #3

The western end of Watcher’s Grave has a circular Vex structure overlooking the area. Jump atop the tallest pillar beside this structure to find a region chest.

Hallows #1

From Artifact’s Edge, travel east until you reach the pit leading to the Hallows. Instead of dropping down, look to your right to find a few Vex pillars stacked beside one another. Climb up them to find this golden chest.

Hallows #2

When you drop down into the Hallows, head into the alcove northeast of the pit to find a region chest.

Hallows #3

From the northern exit from the Hallows is a shriveled tree covering a small platform on the western wall. Land on the platform the tree is covering to find a chest.

Artifact’s Edge #1

Jump off the spawn point to Artifact’s Edge, facing north as you do so. When you land, look at the base of the wall to find this chest.

Artifact’s Edge #2

Run towards the crashed ship on the southern point of Artifact’s Edge. When you reach the wreckage, face north to find a chest hiding under a Vex platform.

Artifact’s Edge #3

Run to the southern part of Artifact’s Edge, passing the ship wreckage. The chest will be on a Vex platform west of the nose of the wreckage.

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