Destiny 2: Every Possible Way To Obtain Spoils Of Conquest

Spoils of Conquest are a currency type introduced in Destiny 2’s Beyond Light expansion. These tokens can be used to purchase Deep Stone Crypt gear and older raid Exotics. Those looking to complete their collection will need hundreds of these Spoils if they wish to obtain every raid Exotic.

Fortunately, earning Spoils of Conquest is rather straightforward. Even if you’re a dedicated Crucible player, there are a few ways of obtaining this resource without needing to delve into Destiny’s raids or endgame PvE content. Let’s delve into how you can obtain this resource, potential farms you can try, and ways to earn Spoils of Conquest by yourself.

How To Earn Spoils Of Conquest

Spoils of Conquest only drop from raids. Every raid in Destiny 2 provides this resource, but the Deep Stone Crypt is arguably the best means of obtaining it. You can obtain Spoils of Conquest through the following

Hidden Chests:

  • x2 Last Wish (20 per character)
  • x2 Garden of Salvation (20 per character)
  • x2 Deep Stone Crypt (20 per character)


  • Farming Deep Stone Crypt encounters (5 per run)
  • Deep Stone Crypt challenges (5 per run)

Each hidden chest grants ten Spoils of Conquest per character per week. Opening the chest multiple times on the same character does nothing. Deep Stone Crypt encounters can be farmed to gain five Spoils of Conquest with each run. Encounter farms can be done on any character as often as you prefer.

Farming Spoils Of Conquest

Without deleting characters to farm chests (something we’ll cover later), the only way of farming Spoils of Conquest is to complete successive Deep Stone Crypt encounters in a given week. After you’ve completed an encounter in that raid, completing the same encounter again on the same character will grant five Spoils of Conquest instead of an item. There’s no limit to how many Spoils you can obtain this way.

The Deep Stone Crypt’s first encounter, Crypt Security, makes for an excellent Spoils farm. This encounter can be completed in a few minutes if your team can one-phase the fuses. You’ll need Scanners and an Operator that are comfortable with their respective roles, but this farm can yield 40+ Spoils an hour if you do it quickly enough. If you aren’t familiar with this encounter, we cover it in our Crypt Security guide.

Another good farm is completing the final encounter while “The Four Core” challenge is active that week. This tasks your team with shooting all of Taniks’ thrusters to deposit four cores in one go. Luckily, this is the main strategy most teams use to defeat Taniks, so this challenge is simply doubling your Spoils of Conquest earnings.

Earning Spoils Of Conquest Solo

Solo players can’t “farm” Spoils without an exploit we’ll discuss later, but solo players can still earn a healthy amount of Spoils without much work. This will involve using the Last Wish’s wishing wall and opening the first Deep Stone Crypt hidden chest. If you obtain every chest each week, that’s 30 Spoils of Conquest. Doing this on all three characters will grant 90 Spoils weekly, allowing you to purchase raid Exotics in as little as three weeks.

Last Wish Hidden Chests

There are two hidden chests in Last Wish that you can obtain solo:

  1. Just before the Shuro Chi encounter, located halfway through the bridge section.
  2. Just before the Morgeth encounter, before you cross the Ascendant Realm.

All three classes can obtain the Shuro Chi chest with ease, but Hunters will have a tough time getting the chest near Morgeth. It’s doable (and we’ll explain how), but consider obtaining the second hidden chest on your Titan and Warlock instead.

Fortunately, Last Wish lets you spawn at these encounters by entering unique codes at the wishing wall room, located just before you face Kalli in the first encounter. A guide on how the wall works and each wish can be found here.

Last Wish Chest #1: Shuro Chi

Enter the wish shown above to start this encounter. When you spawn, turn around and follow the path. After jumping across a couple of gaps, you’ll be in a geode cave right under a bridge. You’ll need to jump onto the fractured buttress supporting the bridge.

Once on the buttress, you’ll want to run past two pillars supporting the bridge. After that, look straight down to find a ledge beside a cliffside. If a dead tree is sticking out of the cliffside, you’re in the right place. Jump down and clamber on the ledge to find the chest.

Last Wish Chest #2: Morgeth

The code above will take you to Morgeth. Unfortunately, you’ll need to cross the massive gap behind you to reach this chest. This isn’t too difficult on a Warlock or Titan, but this can be extremely tricky on a Hunter.

Regardless of class, you’ll need to cross the gap behind you when you spawn. From there, run to the path on your right, following in until you’re on a cliffside. Jump up the mass of branches, then cross a small gap to find the second chest tucked in a corner.


Equip Attunement of Fission (middle tree Voidwalker) and Astrocyte Verse. Make sure your movement ability is Blink. Equip a Sword for safety. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Blink off the bridge.
  2. Cast Nova Warp.
  3. Weave Blinks and Nova Warp teleports, alternating between them whenever possible.
  4. Swing your sword to break your fall.

That’s it. It’s incredibly easy on a Warlock.


Equip Code of the Missile (middle tree Striker), Lion Ramparts, and any Sword. Any Lift works here. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Jump off the bridge and swing your sword.
  2. Activate your glide.
  3. Swing.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you reach a “Turn Back” death barrier.
  5. Use Thundercrash to bypass the death barrier, looking as high up as possible while in your Super.
  6. Continue to alternate between gliding and sword swings until you reach the other side.

Once again, this is fairly easy to pull off as a Titan. Just be sure you’re using Lion Ramparts so you can chain your Lifts and Swords.


Equip Way of the Pathfinder (bottom tree Nightstalker), Orpheus Rig, Triple Jump, and Lament. Lament is mandatory. You’ll also need the Lucent Blade mod. Activate its secondary bonus to buff the charge time on Lament. Reaching 100 Mobility is also recommended but not required.

There’s a technique with Lament you’ll need to use to reach the other side. The input is this:

  1. Guard
  2. Light attack, still holding the Guard button
  3. Heavy attack

If you execute it correctly, you should fling yourself forward.

As for traversing itself:

  1. Jump off the bridge
  2. Lament
  3. Jump
  4. Lament
  5. Jump
  6. Lament
  7. Fire a Shadowshot arrow
  8. Lament
  9. Alternate between Shadowshot and Lament until your Super ends

At this point, you should be either on the bridge or the buttresses below it. Land on either point and make your way to the chest.

Deep Stone Crypt #1: Blizzard

Every class can grab this chest fairly easily. Use your Sparrow to traverse the blizzard, entering heat bubbles to stave off Frostbite. When you reach the last heat bubble (just before a Fallen airlock takes you to the crypt), head right of the bubble and climb up the nearby ledges. The chest will be in a small alcove.

Infinite Spoils Of Conquest Solo Farm

Using any chest farming strategy listed above, you can farm an infinite amount of Spoils by deleting one of your characters. How it works is simple:

  1. Create a new Guardian.
  2. Play the introductory New Light quest.
  3. Boot up Last Wish or Deep Stone Crypt (Last Wish if you can’t transfer higher-level gear over).
  4. Open the chest to gain Spoils of Conquest.
  5. Delete your character.
  6. Rinse and repeat.

While time-intensive, this is a fairly easy way of obtaining an infinite amount of Spoils of Conquest solo. It’s recommended that you create a new character that shares the same class as your main. That way, you can transfer gear over that is over 1,100 Power.

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