Destiny 2: How To Complete Every King’s Fall Challenge

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  • The Grass Is Always Greener
  • Devious Thievery
  • Gaze Amaze
  • Under Construction
  • Hands Off
  • Overzealous
  • Brand Buster
  • Taking Turns
  • The Floor Is Lava
  • Overwhelming Power

Destiny 2's King's Fall raid has ten unique challenges, half of which rotate on a weekly basis. Completing these challenges is required for obtaining the Kingslayer title, and the rotating challenges grant double loot when completed. Anyone looking to farm for red borders or general King's Fall loot will want to complete these challenges whenever possible.

While King's Fall has an absurd number of challenges, most of them simply ask your fireteam to rotate rolls or positions—fairly simple for experienced raiders. This guide will cover what all ten raid challenges are and how best to complete them.

This guide assumes you know how to complete each encounter. For a breakdown of each raid encounter, consult our King's Fall raid guide.

The Grass Is Always Greener

The Grass is Always Greener: Throughout the Totems encounter, players that deposit Deathsinger's Power must swap sides.

TotemsPlayers that deposit Deathsinger's Power must swap sides.Yes

This challenge requires you to swap sides upon depositing your Deathsinger's Power stacks. The rest of the encounter plays out like normal. In essence, two players will be swapping sides every rotation until the encounter ends. Since everyone eventually needs to deposit Deathsinger's Power, this means every player will need to swap at some point. So long as both sides time their deposits and swaps at roughly the same time, this challenge is downright trivial and shouldn't slow your group down at all.

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Devious Thievery

Devious Thievery: During the Warpriest encounter, the Brand must be swapped within five seconds of someone obtaining the Brand Claimer buff.

WarpriestAfter grabbing a Taken Knight's Buff Claimer effect, you have five seconds to swap buffs.Yes

Defeating a Taken Knight during the DPS phase will cause them to drop the Brand Claimer buff. Immediately after grabbing the Brand Claimer buff, you have five seconds to reach your team and steal their Brand. If you fail to swap fast enough, the challenge will automatically fail.

To make this challenge easier, we recommend having your DPS group rotate to your Brand Claimer. The timer doesn't start until the Brand Claimer buff has been grabbed, so whoever kills the Knight will give a callout that they're ready. The DPS team will begin to move toward the claimer. Grab the buff, quickly swap Brands, then resume the DPS phase. It's possible to do this without having your DPS team move, but this can get messy if the Knight spawns on the left side—especially if your team sets up shop in the middle during DPS. Consider bringing one Titan with Sentinel Shield to make up for the constant repositioning.

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Gaze Amaze

Gaze Amaze: While fighting Golgoroth, players with Golgoroth's Gaze must be standing in a Pool of Life upon swapping buffs.

GolgorothThe player with Golgoroth's Gaze must be standing in a Pool of Light upon swapping buffs.Yes

In essence, this challenge requires your team to swap the Golgoroth's Gaze buff between each fireteam member. Near the end of Golgoroth's Gaze, the gaze holder will swap places with one member of your fireteam. Just before the gaze buff ends, the gaze holder will enter the Pool while another player jumps out. Designate a rotation order with your raid group to ensure everyone gets the buff at least once.

Have each player bring Arbalest to one-tap Golgoroth's back.

Here's how the encounter will play out:

  • Player 1 and 2 are designated gaze holders usually, so they'll go first.
    • Player 1 grabs the buff first and runs next to the pool, per usual.
    • Player 2 stands behind Golgoroth, ready to shoot their back.
  • Player 1 stands in the Pool of Life when Player 2 shoots Golgoroth.
    • Player 3 jumps out of the pool, rotating to Golgoroth's back.
    • Player 2 positions themselves near the pool, per usual.
    • Player 1 is now a dedicated DPS.
    • Player 2 stands in the Pool of Life when Player 3 shoots Golgoroth.
      • Player 4 Jumps out of the pool, rotating to Golgoroth's back.
      • Player 3 positions themselves near the pool.
      • Player 2 is now a dedicated DPS.
      • Rinse and repeat with every player in your fireteam until Golgorth dies. If Golgoroth drops their gaze or DPS ends, you'll still need to follow the order you established to avoid failing the challenge. So long as you get a full DPS phase in, the order should reset.

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        Under Construction

        Under Construction: In the Daughters encounter, players cannot stand on the same plate twice in one phase.

        Daughters of OryxIn the Daughters encounter, players cannot stand on the same plate twice in one phase.Yes

        Under Construction is an incredibly easy challenge. After each Torn player grabs a piece of the Blightguard, everyone rotates clockwise to the next plate. Should you have a situation where you've already stepped on that plate or become Torn, one of your flex players will stand on the plate for you. This makes the challenge virtually impossible to fail.

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        Hands Off

        Hands Off: You must defeat Oryx without having someone kill the same Light-Eater Knight or Ogre twice.

        Oryx, the Taken KingYou cannot kill the same Ogre or Light-Eater Knight twice.Yes

        Throughout the Oryx fight, you cannot kill the same Light-Eater Ogre or Light-Eater Knight twice. Unlike the Daughters challenge, this restriction does not reset between encounters, so you'll need to keep track of what Light-Eaters you've slain.

        The easiest way to finish this challenge is to use the delayed Torn strategy and have plate holders kill their Light-Eaters. Here's how it works:

        • All players get in position and start the encounter.
        • When Oryx slams the first plate, someone will stand on the plate. This will make someone Torn.
          • If the Torn player originally held a plate, have a flex player fill their spot.
        • The Torn player must wait until all Light-Eaters have spawned before they start the jumping section.
        • Wherever the Light-Eater Ogre spawns, that corresponding plate holder will kill them and the subsequent Light-Eater Knight.
        • The Light-Eaters will rotate counter-clockwise. The owner of each plate will kill their respective Light-Eaters.
        • Once all Light-Eaters are slain, the Torn player starts the platforming section.
        • After the DPS phase, have all plate holders rotate clockwise.
        • You're simply delaying the platforming section until all Light-Eaters have been slain. This places significantly less pressure on your fireteam since players won't become Torn at inopportune times. This also gives your flex players an easier time tracking which Light-Eaters they've killed; flex roles will only kill Light-Eaters while covering for a Torn player.

          Beyond that, the encounter plays out mostly the same. Rotate players clockwise after each DPS phase to ensure no one kills the same Light-Eater twice. Your Torn players will have to be quick with callouts and platforming, but this strategy is the least stressful way of getting this challenge done.

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          Overzealous: Complete the Basilica encounter while never allowing more than one player to stand near a Totem.

          TotemsYou must swap Brands while off a Totem plate.No

          Overzealous requires you to swap buffs outside a Totem plate. Have the Brand Holder wait just outside the Totem plate. When the Brand holder reaches six seconds, walk off the plate and swap with your Brand Holder. Both players will run past each other during this, one to deposit Deathsinger's Power while the other runs towards the Totem.

          The rest of the encounter plays out like normal. Just remember to step off the Totem plate whenever you need to swap the Brand.

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          Brand Buster

          Brand Buster: Complete the Warpriest encounter while never letting the same player obtain the Brand until everyone else has.

          WarpriestThe same player cannot receive the Brand twice until everyone else has.No

          Similar to the "Gaze Amaze" weekly challenge for Golgoroth, you'll want to grab the Brand Claimer buff at some point during the encounter. It's difficult to create a rigid swap order for this challenge since players are split into pairs, but there are ways of making this easier.

          Here's our suggestion for this challenge: assign three people to deal with the Brand per phase, one from each pair.

          • Players 1, 3, and 5 go first
            • Middle gets the brand first, so Player 3 gets it first.
            • Player 1 kills the first Taken Knight and swaps buffs.
            • Player 5 kills the second Taken Knight and swaps buffs.
          • Players 2, 4, and 6 go second
            • Left got the brand this time, so Player 2 goes first.
            • Player 4 kills the first Taken Knight and swaps buffs.
            • Player 6 kills the second Taken Knight and swaps buffs.
            • Assigning two teams of three to deal with Brands is the easiest way to track who's swapped buffs. Swap trios after each DPS phase, and you should have no issues completing this challenge.

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              Taking Turns

              Taking Turns: Complete the Golgoroth encounter while never letting the same player taunt Golgoroth until everyone else has.

              GolgorothThe same player cannot taunt Golgoroth twice until everyone else has.No

              Use the exact same strategy as the "Gaze Amaze" challenge with one change: gaze holders don't have to step into the Pool of Life prematurely.

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              The Floor Is Lava

              The Floor Is Lava: Complete the Daughters encounter while never letting a Torn Between Dimensions player touch the ground.

              Daughters of OryxTorn players cannot touch the ground.No

              This challenge is much easier than you'd expect. Have plate holders stand on the supports holding up each plate, and have flex rolls stand on the ledges under each Daughter. The ground only includes the lowest elevation on the arena, not the plates or any elevated platforms. So long as your plate holders stand on these supports, you won't count as touching the ground if you become Torn.

              Notice where the Guardian is standing in this image. That's where plate holders will want to be.

              Once you've finished grabbing the Blightguard piece, you'll want to land on the supports on the plate beneath you. Don't worry if you miss; you'll typically leave the Torn state by the time you reach the ground.

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              Overwhelming Power

              Overwhelming Power: Complete the Oryx encounter by detonating enough bombs to trigger the last stand in the same round.

              Oryx, the Taken KingOnce you damage Oryx, you must kill him in one phase.No

              If you remember the "16 Orb" strategy from the original Destiny, this challenge is asking you to do the same thing. You can detonate Light-Eater Orbs like normal, but the second you damage Oryx, you must kill him in one phase.

              Because Light-Eater Orbs now affect your DPS window, your goal is to save as many orbs as possible to extend your DPS window. Dictate which plate will detonate their orbs during each phase. When Oryx starts his wipe mechanic, that side will detonate their orb while everyone else heads to the immortality aura. Do not damage Oryx; wait for the timer to expire.

              Once you've collected enough orbs on all other sides, detonate all of them at once. This will give you a massive DPS window to easily one-phase Oryx. We recommend waiting until you have at least two sets of orbs before damaging Oryx.

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