Destiny 2: How To Earn The Rivensbane Title

Rivensbane is the first raid title released in the Destiny franchise, tasking Guardians with mastering the Last Wish raid. This is no easy task considering just how long and mechanically complex this raid is.

Fortunately, most of the Triumphs associated with the Rivensbane title are easy to complete. Besides the RNG aspects of the raid badge, seasoned raiders and skilled players should be able to obtain this title. As long as you’re persistent and have a raid team to play with, earning Rivensbane shouldn’t be a difficult grind. Covering all of this raid’s challenges and various strategies, here is a complete guide to earning Destiny 2’s Rivensbane title.

Last Wish Badge

Earning the Rivensbane title will require Guardians to obtain every item from the Last Wish raid. This includes vanity gear and the raid Exotic, One Thousand Voices. All of the required items are listed below:

  • Wish-Maker Shell: Rare random drop.
  • Cleansing Knife: Has a small chance to drop from Morgeth.
  • Ermine TAC-717: Drops from the Glittering Chest after the Morgeth encounter. Must have a Glittering Key to open it.
  • Dreaming Spectrum: Obtained by dismantling weapons with curated rolls.
  • Wish No More: Complete the Last Wish raid.
  • Great Hunt Armor Set: Any armor piece can drop from any encounter and hidden chests.
  • Last Wish Legendary Weapons: Drop randomly from every encounter and hidden chest. Curated rolls drop in specific encounters (mentioned below).
  • One-Thousand Voices: Drops from the chests at the end of the Queenswalk encounter. Has a 10% chance to drop, increasing each time you don’t obtain it. Drop chance caps out at 50% after 20 runs.

While curated rolls are not needed to complete the Last Wish Badge, some players might want to target farm these encounters if they can’t get a certain weapon to drop.

Curated Roll Drops

  • Age-Old Bond: Kalli
  • Transfiguration: Shuro Chi
  • Nation of Beasts: Morgeth
  • Tyranny of Heaven: Vault
  • Chattering Bone: Riven

Raid Completion Triumphs

Rivensbane has a handful of Triumphs that require fireteams to beat the Last Wish raid while under certain conditions. Examples include completing the raid with only clan members or beating encounters while every fireteam member uses the same Subclass element.

  1. O Murderer Mine: Complete the “Last Wish” raid.
  2. Clan Night: Last Wish: Complete the “Last Wish” raid with a full fireteam of clanmates.
  3. The New Meta: Complete all raid encounters with a fireteam made entirely of the same Guardian class.
  4. Sunburn: Complete all raid encounters with a fireteam made entirely of Solar subclasses.
  5. Thunderstruck: Complete all raid encounters with a fireteam made entirely of Arc subclasses.
  6. Night Owl: Complete all raid encounters with a fireteam made entirely of Void subclasses.

Triumphs that require fireteam members to match classes or Subclasses are tracked per encounter, meaning they don’t have to be complete on the same run. Subclass Triumphs can also be completed by swapping to the element in question before the encounter ends. For example, a fireteam could earn the Night Owl Triumph by swapping to Void before an encounter ends, even if they were using Solar for most of the encounter.

Petra’s Run

Petra’s Run: Complete the Petra’s Run version of the “Last Wish” raid.

Petra’s Run asks for a fireteam to complete the Last Wish raid, start to finish, without a single person dying. If anyone dies during an encounter or jumping section, everyone is sent back to orbit and must try again.

Unlike other flawless Triumphs, Petra’s Run is tied to a wish that must be activated before the Kalli encounter. Head to the Wish Room to the left of the Kalli encounter. Input this code:

Once the code has been entered and activated, proceed through the raid as normal. Dying during any part of the raid will send everyone back to orbit, so players must be on their A-game.

Some general tips for completing a Petra’s Run:

  1. Bring damage resistance mods. Chest armor mods and the Protective Light Combat Style Mods will keep you alive during intense fights.
  2. Take the jumping section to Morgeth as slow as possible. This is where most fireteams fail their flawless run.
  3. Write down which plates need to be cleansed during the Vault encounter. If the buff carrier purges the wrong plate, they die, sending everyone to orbit.
  4. Cheese Riven. Don’t do the encounter legitimately.

Cheesing Riven

When players drop down to the tower’s bottom floor, have every player run to the left end of the room. This is the side with the geode walls and crystals, not the side with trees. Head to the main room, then wait for a few seconds. If players see Riven’s shadow from her spawn location, stay in the room as she’ll spawn there second.

If no shadow appears after a few seconds, everyone needs to leave the room, run to the geode wall directly across from the entrance (shown above), and wait for the “joining allies” message to reach zero. This will teleport everyone to the top of the tower, letting everyone jump down to the other room to DPS Riven.

Once players encounter Riven, use any damage-enhancing Supers and Heavy weapons to take Riven down. Swords are the most popular strategy as of Season of the Hunt, although Whisper of the Worm is a solid alternative. Kill Riven to start the Queenswalk encounter.

Habitual Wisher

Habitual Wisher: Make 10 wishes in the “Last Wish” raid.

Before the Kalli encounter, there is a hidden path to the left of her arena that leads to a hidden Wish Room. This room has various plates that can be shot at, revealing a certain symbol. Inputting a specific combination of symbols can grant a “wish,” a modifier to the raid. These modifiers can start certain encounters prematurely, start unique dialogue throughout the raid, or cause enemies to drop confetti when a precision hit kills them—similar to the Grunt Birthday Party Skull in the Halo franchise. Input ten of these wishes to earn the Triumph. They don’t have to be different wishes.

Shacknews has an article that covers every wish and their respective input codes. It can be viewed here.

Put A Flag On It

Put a Flag on It: Plant 5 “Last Wish” Raid Banners.

Raid Banners are a unique consumable sold by Petra Venj in the Dreaming City and Hawthorne in the Tower. Before every encounter, a small circle allows Guardians to plant a Raid Banner. Similar to Public Event flags, Raid Banners fill a player’s Super energy and ammo for their weapons. Place five of these Raid Banners to earn the Triumph. These can be placed in the same encounter.

Treasure Trove

Treasure Trove: Loot hidden chests in the “Last Wish” raid 10 times.

As with every Destiny 2 raid, Last Wish has two hidden chests that can be opened once per character per week. Unlike other raids, both chests can be reached without exploits via the Wish Room.

Hidden Chest #1

It can be found before the Shuro Chi encounter under the bridge section. On the right side of the second pillar under the bridge, players can jump off and land in a small rock platform denoted by a dead tree sticking out of the side. This platform has a chest.

To grab this chest solo, input the following Shuro Chi code:

Backtrack from the Shuro Chi checkpoint. When you reach the bridge, jump up along the geode wall to land on the supports under the bridge. Run along them for two pillars, then look down. You should see a rock platform near the left side of the pillar you can drop down to.

Drop onto that platform to claim your loot.

Hidden Chest #2

This chest is found just before the Morgeth jumping section in the Ascendant Realm. After players climb the massive tree and enter the staircase to the jumping puzzle, look for a pathway on your left.

Follow this pathway, then climb on the cliffside to find a chest.

Reaching this solo is incredibly tricky, but it is possible on all three classes. Input the Morgeth code shown below:

You will be teleported to the start of the Morgeth encounter. To reach the chest, you’ll need to cross the bridge gap behind you. The strategy for doing this changes based on your class


Equip Way of the Pathfinder, Triple Jump, Orpheus Rig, and the Lament Exotic Sword. Crossing this bridge requires a very specific set of inputs:

  1. Jump off the bridge.
  2. Guard with Lament, light attack, then heavy attack.
  3. Use your second jump.
  4. Guard with Lament, light attack, then heavy attack.
  5. Use your third jump.
  6. Guard with Lament, light attack, then heavy attack.
  7. Fire a Shadowshot arrow.
  8. Guard with Lament, light attack, then heavy attack.
  9. Repeat steps 7 through 8 until your Super ends.
  10. Guard with Lament, light attack, then heavy attack. Repeat this input until you reach the end of the bridge.

If you can chain these Lament attacks with your jumps and Super quickly enough, you should be able to cross the bridge as a Hunter. Run to the exterior path mentioned earlier to find the chest.


Equip Attunement of Chaos, Blink, Astrocyte Verse, and Lament. Jump off the bridge, teleport with Blink, then cast Nova Warp. Alternate between the Super’s teleport and your Blink ability. When the Super ends, keep using Blink to reach the end of the bridge, using Lament if you don’t have enough momentum.


Equip Code of the Missile, Lion Ramparts, and any Sword. Glide, Sword swing, then glide again. You can keep alternating between these two inputs to fly indefinitely. You can use Thundercrash to launch yourself to the end of the bridge when you’re close enough.

Summoning Ritual

Summoning Ritual: During the Kalli encounter, cleanse all nine plates before the damage phase begins.

Note: Players must grab the “Summoning Ritual” bounty from Hawthorne to complete this Triumph. Her Last Wish challenge bounty rotates every week.

Typically, this encounter requires players to cleanse certain plates based on symbols shown at the center of the arena. Not in the Summoning Ritual challenge. To complete this challenge, your fireteam must cleanse all nine plates, even if they don’t have matching symbols in the center of the room.

Assign a second plate to three fireteam members. The other three members will assist one of them when their plate is cleansed. When their plates are cleansed, players will congregate at Kalli’s location to damage her.

This will cause three Taken Ogres to spawn at the center of the arena since three plates were “incorrectly” cleansed. Kill the Ogres, then burst down Kalli with Lament of any high-damage Heavy weapon. She is rather easy to one-phase, so this challenge should be a cakewalk for most. If you can’t one-phase Kalli, simply repeat the process of cleansing all nine plates before the damage phase begins.

Coliseum Champion

Coliseum Champion: Complete the Shuro Chi encounter without anyone getting damaged by her arc blast attack.

Note: Players must grab the “Which Witch” bounty from Hawthorne to complete this Triumph. Her Last Wish challenge bounty rotates every week.

Shuro Chi will periodically launch a high-velocity projectile that deals a large amount of damage to anyone it hits. To complete this challenge, not a single fireteam member can be damaged by her sniper projectile. Other attacks from Shuro Chi don’t void this challenge; it’s only that particular attack.

Absorbing the bolts through a Titan’s Sentinel Shield Super does not void this challenge. To safely complete this challenge, have two or three fireteam members be Code of the Commander Titans with Ursa Furiosa equipped. These players will rotate Supers to block Shuro Chi’s projectiles for the party. They can run right up to Shuro to block her more efficiently, although beware of her slam and scream attacks. Exercise caution during this encounter to complete the challenge.

Forever Fight

Forever Fight: Defeat Morgeth without killing any Taken Ogres.

Note: Players must grab the “Forever Fight” bounty from Hawthorne to complete this Triumph. Her Last Wish challenge bounty rotates every week.

Throughout the Morgeth encounter, Taken Ogres will periodically spawn to cause trouble. The Forever Fight challenge tasks players with keeping these Ogres alive throughout the entire fight. Stick to cover on the sides of the arena, avoid jumping so the Ogres don’t launch you, and use a Well of Radiance Super behind Morgeth during the DPS phase to complete this challenge. This is arguably the easiest challenge in the raid, so this shouldn’t take too many attempts to complete.

Keep Out

Keep Out: During the Vault encounter, kill the Might of the Riven Knights before they reach the center chamber.

Note: Players must grab the “Keep Out” bounty from Hawthorne to complete this Triumph. Her Last Wish challenge bounty rotates every week.

Once a fireteam member grabs the Essence buff from a Taken Captain, Hive Knights will spawn and rush to the Vault’s chamber center. One will spawn after the first Captain dies, two spawn after the second Captain dies, and three will spawn when the third Captain is slain. For this challenge, players must kill these Knights before they exit their room. This is much easier than it sounds.

Have each side have a buff runner and an add-killer. Buff runners will read the Vault symbols, note which buffs are needed on each side, then carry the Taken essence to said plates. Add-killers are solely responsible for killing the Hive Knights and Taken enemies.

When a buff runner needs to carry an essence to the Vault chamber, have that side’s add-killer run into the room with them. Instead of following the buff carrier, the add-killer will wait in the room until the Knight spawns. Use any Special or Heavy weapons to burst down its health quickly. If they move too quickly, use Tractor Cannon to slow them down.

Strength of Memory

Strength of Memory: Defeat Riven of a Thousand Voices without shooting the same eye twice.

Note: Players must grab the “Strength of Memory” bounty from Hawthorne to complete this Triumph. Her Last Wish challenge bounty rotates every week.

To complete this challenge, players cannot shoot the same Riven eye more than once. If one player shoots R2, for example, someone else must shoot R2 the next time it needs to be destroyed.

Alternatively, cheese Riven (mentioned in the “Petra’s Run” section). Killing Riven this way will bypass all of her eye mechanics, technically completing the Triumph’s requirements.

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