Destiny 2 Invitation of the Nine Xur Quest Steps: How To Get and Complete Week 4 quest

Invitation of the Nine: Step 3 – The High Priestess

In keeping with the previous two quests he has issued, this week’s is pretty straightforward.

  • Complete the Inverted Spire Strike on Nessus
  • Collect Cabal Samples on Nessus
  • Collect Fallen Samples on Nessus
  • Collect Vex Samples on Nessus

There is a very good chance you’ll rack up those samples from Cabal and Vex simply from running the strike.

There are plenty of Fallen to be found around the Exodus Black, too – so head there on Patrol to mop up the rest of the required items.

Those new rewards from the mysterious Emissary of the Nine are certainly welcome – The Season Of The Drifter has raised the power level cap from 650 to 700. Alongside Xur’s Bounty, Iron Banner has also returned this week for Guardians to earn new gear in the Crucible.

The expansion is included as part of Destiny 2 Forsaken’s Annual Pass, alongside the earlier Black Armory.

Annual Pass holders can grind towards exotic weapons including The Last Word and Thorn which are among the franchise’s most feared. 

The final expansion, titled “The Season of Opulence”, is expected in June to close out the second year of Destiny 2’s DLC roadmap.

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