Destiny 2: New Cutscene Shows Osiris Challenge The Warmind

Destiny 2 has a new cutscene that features a ticked-off Osiris taking his scout rifle against the Warmind, Rasputin.

Season of the Dawn will go for another few weeks before Season 10 arrives in March, but we already have a brand new cutscene at the beginning of Destiny 2 that’s arrived a few weeks early. This seems to be a trailer of sorts for what’s about to come in Season of the Worthy, as the next season is tentatively known, and it looks like Osiris and Rasputin will play key roles.

Osiris has been a central figure of the latest season, sending Guardians back in time to both prevent a world-ending apocalypse and to save the revered Saint-XIV, but Rasputin has been barely heard from since Destiny’s third expansion, Warmind.

At the end of Warmind, Rasputin reveals that he’s both awake and working with Ana Bray to kick both the Hive and the Red Legion off of Mars, but he mostly just gets the Vanguard to do his dirty work. For such an enormously powerful supercomputer created using the height of humanity’s technology, Rasputin really hasn’t done much since then.

Turns out there may be a reason for that. The new opening cutscene shows Osiris approach Rasputin on Mars in a very threatening manner, accusing the machine of being a “thug,” a “murderer,” and a “betrayer.” Osiris then demands to know who’s side Rasputin is on: the side of light or darkness.

As all Destiny 2 players know, Rasputin has only a single error in his code that prevents him from speaking in English and instead causes him to speak in reverse Russian. Therefore, we’re not sure what Rasputin’s reply entailed. We’ll have to wait until next season to find out.

Season of the Worthy is set to arrive March 10 along with updates to Destiny 2’s swords and the possible revival of the Trials of Osiris, a PvP-centered game mode from the original Destiny. In the meantime, you’ve got a few more weeks to donate Polarized Fractiline and get your best Timelost weapons.

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