Destiny 2 Now Bans Players Who Leave Casual Control Matches

The latest weekly reset for Destiny 2 came with a hotfix that solved some persistent issues in the game, including the bugged Lightfall exotic Quicksilver Storm. However, the patch notes left out an important piece of information where players are now receiving bans for leaving Control matches – even though this is a casual, not ranked, mode of play.

Control is the staple Destiny 2 PvP mode which doesn’t go away with the weekly rotation. The 6v6 mode has been a part of the game for a long time and is always everyone’s go-to mode for a ‘casual’ experience. However, it seems Bungie categorizes now it as a ‘competitive’ mode and has started issuing bans to players who leave without finishing matches.

The PvP community has spoken out against this on social media. YouTuber Shadow Destiny expressed their discontent on Twitter and emphasized that Control isn’t a competitive mode. “Quitter penalties do not belong in a casual playlist. In a world where we have no map voting and 50% of lobbies have terrible lag or 6 stacks, you should be able to leave if you want,” they argued further.

Another YouTuber named Ascendant Nomad agreed with this and laid down his own points to explain why this isn’t a great change. Twitch streamer Benjjjy also criticized this change and said “So when do we stop fighting for a better PvP experience? It’s a never-ending losing battle”. Another user complained, "This seriously pains me to say this but Destiny 2 PvP is becoming more of a joke as every day passes”.

Bungie had already mentioned some major changes to the overall Destiny 2 PvP experience. The most notable one amongst them was the implementation of SBMM in the Control playlist. However, even though Bungie only added a ‘Loose' version of SBMM, players found a way around it with a game-breaking exploit. Naturally, the PvP community called it out, and the latest change has only made things worse.

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