Destiny 2 Patch Finally Saves New Players From High-Level Activity

Destiny 2 just got its first patch since the holiday break and it addresses several issues that have plagued the game for weeks. The biggest and most important issue was how brand new players were being unceremoniously thrust into content that they had no hope of ever completing.

When Bungie’s 30th Anniversary content drop arrived in Destiny 2, it brought with it a bunch of Halo-themed loot courtesy of the Dares of Eternity activity. For Destiny veterans, Dares of Eternity isn’t all that hard, but it does require a few things like anti-champion mods and a build that can deal with waves of enemies–neither of which can be expected from a new player.

Unfortunately, newbies couldn’t avoid Dares of Eternity because Bungie accidentally altered the game so that everyone was thrust into a Dares match for their first login after the content’s arrival. This included brand new players who likely just bought the expansion thanks to the holiday sale.

While Bungie was away on break, new players were struggling against enemies that were at least 50 levels higher than them. Some Dares matches, which normally should last around 10 minutes, wound up lasting hours as low-light Guardians couldn’t mount a credible offense.

To help out, higher-level Guardians would artificially lower their light level so that they’d be matched with low-light Guardians. Then they’d swap back to their higher-level gear and save them from an hour-long Dares match.

But that’s no longer necessary. As of yesterday’s patch, new players aren’t being forced to endure Dares of Eternity as their first Destiny 2 experience. Additionally, players can’t join a Dares match unless they have a heavy weapon. Even if a new Guardian accidentally wanders into a Dares match after completing the onboarding experience, they’ll at least stand a chance as enemy levels have been reduced to 1,100.

Several other fixes arrived in the recent patch, including a fix for the Forerunner Exotic Quest and random crashes on Dares of Eternity. You can read more on the official patch notes here.

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