Destiny 2 Players Are Calling Out Warlock Arc 3.0 Changes Just One Day After Launch

Destiny 2 Season 18 just dropped alongside a major subclass rework in the form of Arc 3.0. Bungie already gave us a glimpse of its Crank 2: High Voltage-inspired rework, but Warlock mains don’t seem to be happy with what they got.

With the launch of the Witch Queen DLC, Destiny 2 has introduced revamped versions of all three Light subclasses with each new season. Arc is the final one to undergo an extreme makeover, but it seems that Hunters and Titans received better buffs than Warlocks.

It has been less than 24 hours since the new season launched, and Redditors are already unhappy with the changes made to Warlocks in Arc 3.0. Hunters got a new Super called ‘Gathering Storm’, which makes sense considering it was the only class that did not have a second Arc super. Meanwhile, Titans got a new dodge ability along with an overcharged Arc melee called ‘Thunderclap’. However, Warlocks only got one new melee ability, which is like a Lightning-Hadoken attack.

Furthermore, the Warlock Arc Supers seem to underperform against the Hunter and Titan ones. A Reddit user broke down the damage numbers for DPS-heavy Supers and found that Chaos Reach clubbed with the 'Geomag Stabilizers' exotic does less damage than the others. The new ‘DPS king’ in the case of Arc 3.0 is now the new Hunter Super, Gathering Storm. The post also revealed that it consistently did more damage than Thundercrash and will be the choice of Super for most Hunter mains now. Several discussions on the Destiny subreddit have been pointing out these changes to Warlocks as well.

Along with the Season 18 reveal, Bungie also revealed the upcoming 'Lightfall' expansion. It will bring back an old enemy, in the form of Calus, and will also introduce a new subclass called ‘Strand’. Another announcement revealed that Destiny 2 is now available on the Epic Games store and the Fortnite x Destiny collaboration was also showcased. Furthermore, Destiny 2 will get its own in-game LFG system which will allow you to rank other players as well.

One bit of news that fans absolutely loved is that Bungie doesn’t plan to Sunset any more Expansions, so veterans and new players can have the full Destiny 2 experience at all times.

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