Destiny 2 Season Of The Haunted: All Week 9 Seasonal Challenges

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  • Warm Resolve
  • Cabal Tactics
  • Armory-Wide Calibration
  • Solar Gambit
  • Trial By Firing Squad
  • Solar Vanguard

Destiny 2's Season of the Haunted has released its ninth set of Seasonal Challenges, providing six more ways of earning Season Pass ranks. Most challenges this week also provide a hefty sum of Bright Dust, and one of them even grants a Trials of Osiris weapon.

Most challenges this week require you to use Solar 3.0 to Scorch and Ignite your foes. From landing various weapon kills to completing older Sever missions with restricted loadouts, most players should be able to complete these challenges with little issue. Let's go over how to complete all six of this week's challenges and the rewards you can expect.

Warm Resolve

Warm Resolve: Complete "Sever – Resolve" using only a Solar subclass and Solar, Kinetic, or Stasis weapons.


  • Opulent Umbral Energy
  • 25,000 XP

As with previous Sever challenges, Warm Resolve asks you to complete the Resolve Sever mission with a Solar subclass and a curated weapon loadout. Solar, Kinetic, and Stasis weapons are the only weapons you're allowed to use. The subclass and weapons must be used for the entire mission to count. Thankfully, Solar saw an overhaul this season, so this challenge should be fairly easy.

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Cabal Tactics

Cabal Tactics On the Derelict Leviathan, defeat combatants with Rocket Launcher final blows and rapidly defeat combatants in groups of 3 or more.


  • 50,000 XP

While on the Derelict Leviathan, you'll need to defeat 125 combatants with Rocket Launchers and rapidly defeat 125 combatants. The latter grants progress for each enemy killed during the spree. For example, defeating six enemies in quick succession will grant six kills worth of progress.

As for Rocket Launchers to use, Wardcliff Coil and Deathbringer are good choices. Wardcliff is surprisingly ammo efficient and doesn't have to reload if Heavy bricks are nearby. Deathbringer is one of the hardest-hitting Exotics in the game and can clear out entire waves with a single shot.

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Armory-Wide Calibration

Armory-Wide Calibration: Calibrate Kinetic, Energy, and Power weapons. Bonus progress against Champions.


  • 100,000 XP
  • 300 Bright Dust

You must land 200 final blows with each weapon type to finish this challenge. For clarity, you need 200 Kinetic kills, 200 Energy kills, and 200 Power kills—600 in total. Champions grant additional progress, although you'll want to focus on kill farms to get this done quickly.

Shuro Chi in Last Wish and the Thrall hallway in Shattered Throne are great places for farming kills. Lost Sectors are also a good pick if you don't want to get an activity checkpoint. For the Kinetic and Energy slots, use Primary weapons to prevent ammo issues. Heavy kills should be with Swords or Machine Guns, seeing as they're some of the most ammo-efficient Heavy weapons in the game. Alternatively, you can focus on completing other challenges; so long as you're consistently playing Destiny 2, this challenge will complete itself.

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Solar Gambit

Solar Gambit: Defeat targets with Solar effects. Bonus progress for defeating Guardians.


  • 50,000 XP
  • 150 Bright Dust

Solar effects refer to Scorch and Ignite. Enemies that die while Scorched should grant progress, although you'll find Ignites to be your best source of final blows. You'll need a total of 200 Solar effect kills to finish this challenge.

For landing this many Solar effect kills, here are our suggestions:

  • Hunter: Use Caliban's Hand, Ember of Ashes, Ember of Char, and Ember of Expulsion. Chain a melee attack with a grenade to guarantee an Ignite.
  • Warlock: Grenade or melee builds will work.
    • Grenade builds involve using Fusion Grenades, Starfire Protocol, and Witherhoard. With Ember of Ashes and Touch of Flame, your grenades will always Ignite.
    • Melee builds use Ember of Singeing and Heavy Handed to spam Incinerating Snap.
  • Titan: Consecration is fantastic for applying Ignite. Spec heavily towards your melee cooldown with Ember of Singeing and Heavy Handed, a Charged with Light mod.
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    Trial By Firing Squad

    Trial by Firing Squad: Win multiple rounds in the Trials of Osiris.


    • Trials of Osiris Weapon
    • 100,000 XP
    • 300 Bright Dust

    Trial by Firing Squad requires you to win 20 rounds of Trials of Osiris. Notice that it says rounds, not matches. These rounds don't need to be consecutive or on the same Trials card. This season's PvP meta can be quite frustrating, so here are a few tips:

    • Use Overload Rounds: Overload Rounds disable Classy Restoration. Yes, we're serious. This works best on SMGs and ARs.
    • Equip Malfeasance: Five shots is a guaranteed kill, regardless of how much healing a Guardian may have.
    • Use Classy Restoration: Exploit the abundance of healing this season. This mod gives you x2 Restoration for a few seconds upon using your class ability.
      • Hunters can pair this with Wormhusk Crown to effectively get all of their health back after a dodge.

      Ultimately, try not to take each game seriously. Find a team, use items you enjoy, and remember to take frequent breaks. Consider playing on Sunday or Monday when the Flawless pool is active. For more information on Trials of Osiris, check out our Trials guide.

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      Solar Vanguard

      Solar Vanguard: Defeat combatants with Solar effects in Vanguard playlists.


      • 50,000 XP
      • 150 Bright Dust

      Similar to the Trials of Osiris challenge, Solar effects include Scorch and Ignite. If you don't want to build around Solar 3.0, use Skyburner's Oath. Every hip-fire shot will Scorch the target, granting progress with every final blow. If you prefer explosions, Ignite builds work quite nicely. We cover various Ignite builds in our class build guides. You can find them below:

      • Hunter PvE And PvP Builds
      • Warlock PvE And PvP Builds
      • Titan PvE And PvP Builds

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