Destiny 2 Weekly Reset promises new October Shadowkeep update

With the ranks of Guardians swelling following the launch of New Light and Shadowkeep, Bungie is looking to toward their Destiny 2 Weekly Reset.

As many gamers will already know, Tuesday is when Bungie chooses to wipe all progression and rewards for active rituals and activities.

The Weekly Reset allows for new powerful rewards to be offered by Bungie and is something that will be available on PS4, Xbox One and Steam.

This system has changed over the years, with new challenges and features being added alongside the latest expansions and seasons.

The core activities affected by the Weekly Reset are the Nightfall Strike, Weekly Clan Engrams and Weekly Clan XP Caps.

As always, things change within Destiny 2 and it will be worth monitoring the reset of Raid Challenge Encounters and Raid Checkpoints following the launch of The Garden of Salvation.

It should also be noted that each day, the following rituals will have all progression and rewards reset: Activity Challenges, Destination Challenges, Clan Bounties and Heroic Story Missions.


Heroic Adventures

Available from Brother Vance on Mercury and Ana Bray on Mars, these activities reset on Monday and Thursday of each week.

Warmind: Escalation Protocol

The final boss of Escalation Protocol will rotate at the Weekly Reset. Additionally, players are only able to receive one Encrypted Cache Key per week which resets at the Weekly Reset.


The one thing that hasn’t changed with the launch of the Shadowkeep expansion is the timing of the Destiny 2 Weekly Reset.

This will still be happening at 6pm in the UK, or 10am PST in the United States. This week will see Bungie perform background maintenance and make other changes to the game.

This will happen on October 8, before the weekly reset begins on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Background Maintenance will not require servers to be taken offline, which is good news for Guardians cramming in their last activities.

A new Destiny 2 update is being released following the end of this maintenance and this will eventually boot players back to the menu screen.

Gamers will need to download Destiny 2 Hotfix to carry on their adventures on the Moon.

The downside to this is that there is a good chance for queues to reappear during this time.

The good news is that this will come with a range of fixes for some of the more annoying bugs currently found in-game.

We don’t know exactly what will be included in yet as we haven’t received patch notes news.

But these are expected to be released in the next 24-hours and will likely include fixes from the current known bugs list.

This can be found below and includes the problems Bungie are trying to fix:

  • Players will not receive the Gate Lord’s Eye at Season Rank 7 if they claim it in an equipment-locked activity.
  • If it has been abandoned, the completed “Essence of Anguish” quest step can be reacquired only by unlocking the Lectern of Enchantment.
  • The “In Search of Answers” quest step may not appear in a player’s inventory, even after talking with Eris. Please check the postmaster to pick up the quest and continue the campaign.
  • If the “Firewall” quest step is dismantled after completing Eris’s weekly bounty, players have to wait a week before they can obtain a new one.
  • If the “Luna’s Calling” weekly quest is deleted before collecting rewards and the bounty is reclaimed, players will have to wait a week to complete it.
  • Some players who purchase the Shadowkeep Deluxe Edition may not receive all four Season Passes, but may instead receive 1,000 Silver per unredeemed Season. Players may spend this Silver to purchase future seasons through the Seasons tab in the Director menu.
  • Players who encounter the error “problem reading game content” on Steam should ensure that they are NOT running Destiny 2 with elevated permissions (for example: do not use “Run as Administrator”). They should also make sure there is NO steam_appid.txt file in their Destiny 2 install directory.
  • Players with 300 or more friends on Steam may encounter crashes when launching Destiny 2. Players who encounter this issue can trim their friends list until they are below 300 while we investigate a fix.
  • We’re investigating ongoing reports from players regarding issues with PC migration.

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