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The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR will make use of PS VR2's unique eye-tracking functionality to time jumpscares and enemy attacks for when players blink.

Back when the PS VR2 was first revealed, one of its functionalities that stood out the most was eye-tracking. This feature was first shown off in Firewall Ultra, where players can select from a radial menu with their eyes, but was later teased to work with The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR by making specific enemies move whenever you blinked.

Now, in a PlayStation Blog post, Supermassive Games' Alejandro Arque Gallardo has gone into more detail on the feature, as well as some of the other unique ways that Switchback uses PS VR2, such as the use of 3D audio to make you hear whispers from demons, haptic feedback in the controllers and headset, and tension points that make shots feel real.

The PlayStation Blog post reveals that enemies will attack the player with "every blink of an eye", and that there are even some that will only move when you're not looking at them. This was shown off in a previous trailer with creepy dolls that move and multiply whenever the player blinks, but it seems that all enemies will have a reaction to it.

If you think that keeping your eyes shut is the smart way to deal with this, Gallardo points out that Switchback VR also makes use of the PS VR2's 3D audio, so that players can hear demons whispering to them, ensuring that you're still suitably creeped out even if you're not directly looking at the enemies around you.

You can see the blinking mechanic in action in this video from YouTuber Virtual Reality Oasis, who recently got hands-on time with Switchback VR and played the level that included the mannequins that move when you blink. It's not clear from the rest of the footage how other enemies react to you blinking, but we'll find out for ourselves when the game launches next month.

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