Diablo 3 Is Offering Double Bounties For The Remainder Of Season 21

Diablo III is currently in Season 21, and showing no signs of slowing down. Now, with the season midway through, Blizzard has announced a change to drops that will give players more rewards when they complete bounties.

In a new post on the Blizzard forums, community manager FilthieRich announced that, from now, all bounties earned in Season 21 will be doubled. This means that you can now earn far more Horadric Caches by completing bounties within each Act. Instead of one Cache per bounty, you’ll now get two.

The bonus cache benefits from the difficulty level modifier, the post explains, so you’ll be rewarded as though you completed double the number of bounties you actually completed. The rewards inside the Caches themselves will remain the same, though.

The post clarifies that the bonus caches you can earn within Challenge Rifts are not affected at all.

The community manager also announced that PTR timelines ahead of season launches will be longer going forward, and that this season will be longer than usual as a result. This means that there will likely be two weeks of public testing for the next one, followed by a week of work on Blizzard’s end before it can launch.

“The intention here is to make sure we can apply as much feedback as possible from the community during these PTR timelines while also giving us a good amount of time to test these changes before they go live,” the post says.

Diablo IV is currently in the works. It will be quite different from Diablo III, based on the details we know so far.

Diablo IV

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