Digimon Survive: Complete List Of Digimon

A question on the lips of everyone who hears about a new Digimon game is "is my favorite digimon in this one?" With so many hundreds of digimon now introduced to the world, it's becoming increasingly more certain that we'll never have an ultimate game that lets us encounter each and every digital monster.

Digimon Survive has a grand total of 113 (117 if you preordered the game) digimon to meet, encounter, recruit, and digivolve into. Some of them are exclusively partner digimon, while some are first met as villains who can then be added to your party through the deft use of recruitment and Enlightenment Slabs. Here's every digimon in the game.

Every Digimon In Digimon Survive

The tables below will separate all the digimon in the game by their stage. They will also tell you whether or not they can be recruited as a free digimon, only encountered as a partner digimon, or if they can be both. For example, while it's possible to recruit free Agumon at some point in the game, you'll only ever have one Labramon, the one partnered to Aoi.

For the purposes of spoilers, we will not list which partner digimon can eventually become the higher-tier digimon, but we will list which free digimon can digivolve into them if possible. Many of these digimon can be found and recruited in free battles also – evolution is not the only way to get new digimon.

Note that Guilmon and its evolutions are only available for those who preordered the game!

Rookie Digimon

DigimonRecruitment Method
AgumonPartner and free digimon recruitable
BetamonFree digimon recruitable
BiyomonFree digimon recruitable
DracmonPartner digimon only
FalcomonPartner digimon only
FloramonPartner digimon only
GabumonPartner and free digimon recruitable
GazimonFree digimon recruitable
GomamonFree digimon recruitable
GotsumonFree digimon recruitable
GuilmonFree digimon recruitable
KunemonPartner digimon only
LabramonPartner digimon only
LopmonPartner digimon only
PalmonFree digimon recruitable
PatamonFree digimon recruitable
RenamonPartner and free digimon recruitable
SyakomonPartner digimon only
TentomonFree digimon recruitable

Champion Digimon

Evolving from a Rookie to a Champion requires a Mature Enlightenment Slab.

DigimonEvolution Method
AngemonEvolved from Angemon
BirdramonEvolved from Biyomon
CyclonemonEvolved from Agumon
DeltamonEvolved from Betamon
DiatrymonEvolved from Biyomon
DobermonEvolved from Gabumon
DokugumonEvolved from Gotsumon
FangmonEvolved from Gazimon
FlymonEvolved from Tentomon
GarurumonEvolved from Gabumon
GatomonEvolved from Patamon
GreymonEvolved from Agumon
GrowlmonEvolved from Guilmon
GuardromonEvolved from Gotsumon
IkkakumonEvolved from Gomamon
KabuterimonEvolved from Tentomon
KiwimonEvolved from Palmon
KuwagamonEvolved from Tentomon
KyubimonEvolved from Renamon
LeomonEvolved from Renamon
MeramonEvolved from Biyomon
NumemonEvolved from Gotsumon
SangloupmonEvolved from Gazimon
SeadramonEvolved from Betamon and Gomamon
ShellmonEvolved from Gomamon
SeasarmonEvolved from Gabumon
TogemonEvolved from Palmon
TuruiemonEvolved from Patamon
TuskmonEvolved from Betamon
TyrannomonEvolved from Agumon
VegiemonEvolved from Palmon
WendigomonEvolved from Gazimon

Ultimate Digimon

Evolving from a Champion to an Ultimate digimon requires a Perfect Enlightenment Slab.

DigimonEvolution Method
AndromonEvolved from Dokugumon and Guardromon
AngewomonEvolved from Angemon and Gatomon
AntylamonEvolved from Turuiemon and Angemon
ArukenimonEvolved from Wendigomon, Fangmon, and Sangloupmon
BlossomonEvolved from Togemon and Vegiemon
BlueMeramonEvolved from Meramon and Birdramon
CerberumonEvolved from Dobermon and Garurumon
DeramonEvolved from Kiwimon and Togemon
EtamonEvolved from Numemon and Dokugumon
GarudamonEvolved from Birdramon, Meramon, and Diatrymon
GigadramonEvolved from Deltamon
JewelbeemonEvolved from Flymon and Kabuterimon
LillymonEvolved from Kiwimon, Vegiemon, and Togemon
MagnaAngemonEvolved from Angemon, Gatomon, and Turuiemon
MarineDevimonEvolved from Wendigomon and Fangmon
MegadramonEvolved from Tyrannomon, Cyclonemon, and Deltamon
MegaKabuterimonEvolved from Kabuterimon, Kuwagamon, and Flymon
MegaSeadramonEvolved from Seadramon and Ikkakumon
MermaimonEvolved from Ikkakumon and Shellmon
MetalGreymonEvolved from Greymon and Tyrannomon
MonzaemonEvolved from Numemon, Dokugumon, and Guardromon
MyotismonEvolved from Fangmon and Sangloupmon
OkuwamonEvolved from Kuwagamon and Kabuterimon
IceLeomonEvolved from Leomon and Kyubimon
SkullGreymonEvolved from Greymon, Tyrannomon, and Cyclonemon
TaomonEvolved from Kyubimon and Leomon
TriceramonEvolved from Tuskmon
WarGrowlmonEvolved from Growlmon
WereGarurumonEvolved from Garurumon, Dobermon, and Seasarmon
YatagaramonEvolved from Birdramon and Diatrymon
ZudomonEvolved from Ikkakumon and Shellmon

Mega Digimon

To evolve from an Ultimate digimon to a Mega digimon, you'll need to use an Ultimate Enlightenment Slab.

Note that many of these digimon cannot be acquired as free digimon – they are only available as partner digimon evolutions, whether as part of the story or as unlockable forms based on your actions.

DigimonEvolution Method
AnubismonEvolved from Taomon
AzulongmonPartner digimon evolution only
BaihumonPartner digimon evolution only
BanchoStingmonEvolved from MegaKabuterimon and Jewelbeemon
BeelzemonEvolved from Arukenimon and Myotismon
BoltboutamonEvolved from MarineDevimon, Arukenimon, and Myotismon
CeresmonEvolved from Lillymon and Blossomon
Ceresmon MediumPartner digimon evolution only
CherubimonEvolved from Antylamon and MagnaAngemon
DinorexmonEvolved from Triceramon
EbonwumonPartner digimon evolution only
GallantmonEvolved from WarGrowlmon
GranKuwagamonEvolved from Okuwamon and MegaKabuterimon
HerculesKabuterimonEvolved from Okuwamon, MegaKabuterimon, and Jewelbeemon
MachinedramonEvolved from MetalGreymon, SkullGreymon, Monzaemon, Andromon, Megadramon, and Gigadramon
MagnadramonEvolved from Angewomon and MagnaAngemon
MarineAngemonEvolved from Mermaimon and Zudomon
MetalGarurumonEvolved from WereGarurumon and Cerberumon
MetalSeadramonEvolved from MegaSeadramon, Triceramon, Zudomon, and Gigadramon
PhoenixmonEvolved from Garudamon, Yatagaramon, and BlueMeramon
PiedmonEvolved from Etamon, Monzaemon, and Andromon
PlesiomonEvolved from Zudomon and Mermaimon
PlutomonEvolved from WereGarurumon and Cerberumon
PuppetmonEvolved from Deramon and Lillymon
RosemonEvolved from Lillymon, Deramon, and Blossomon
SaberleomonEvolved from IceLeomon and Taomon
SakuyamonPartner digimon evolution only
Sakuyamon Maid ModeEvolved from IceLeomon and Taomon
SeraphimonEvolved from MagnaAngemon, Angewomon, and Antylamon
SpinomonEvolved from MetalGreymon, SkullGreymon, and Triceramon
VarodurumonEvolved from Garudamon and Yatagaramon
WarGreymonEvolved from MetalGreymon and SkullGreymon
ZhuqiaomonPartner digimon evolution only

There are also two 'Super Ultimate' digimon in the game that can be obtained only through story events and partner digimon: Omnimon and Fanglongmon.

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