Disco Elysium Sends Fans Into Frenzy With Photo Of Kim And Harry Kissing

Kim Kitsuragi is gay, we find out as much in Disco Elysium when we venture into the HOMO-Sexual underground. Here, Harry can ask if his partner is queer, to which he responds with, "I'll spare you another 20 hour mind-project – yes, I am." And ever since, fans have been shipping him and Harry together as more than just work partners – making them partner partners.

And now the Disco Elysium has added fuel to the fire with a fun little Valentine's Day post. It started with the two posing for the camera, with the official Twitter calling them "RCM's most 'eligible bachelors'". This was then followed up by another photo of the two, only this time they were kissing in a study, captioned, "Felt cute, might delete later, sorry Plaisance."

We knew Kim was gay, but Harry being queer is new, and fans love it. "CANON ITS CANON THIS IS CANON IVE DECIDED ITS REAL AND CANON", one commenter excitedly wrote. "okay where do i pay what happens next", another asked. "Now add it to the game", one demanded. Disco Elysium 2 as a queer love story about Harry and Kim embracing each other in this dystopic hellhole? Sign me up.

It's one helluva Valentine's gift, especially for the Harrykim fans out there (or Kimharry – up to you). After all, Kim puts up with a lot of Harry's shit – the same guy who died reaching for a tie, at least that's what happened in my first playthrough. Disco Elysium did tweet out last year that, "Somewhere in the multiverse, Harry and Kim kiss", so this is a fire that's been burning for a long time now. And given that fans have long speculated that Harry is bisexual, though averse to labels, it all makes sense.

In an interview with RPGFan, Disco Elysium writer and narrative designer Justin Keenan answered the question, "Why can't we kiss Kim?" He said, "Because the thing about desire is that it's stronger when it's not totally satisfied." Fans ran with this as proof that Harry was longing to kiss Kim at the end, again mounting evidence for Disco Elysium being a queer love story at heart.

We might not have been able to in-game, but the two have finally now kissed, all thanks to a new piece of art from the Disco Elysium team. But whether that blossoms into anything bigger in the next game or remains an internet snapshot – a little Valentine's treat – remains to be seen. At the very least, we've finally confirmed what so many have been thinking – there's a burning chemistry between Kim and Harry that's far more than typical workplace friendship.

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