Disgaea 6 – Adell Character Guide

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The main cast of characters is pretty great in Disgaea 6. They are mostly incredibly powerful, and they all fill a unique niche that works well together. Well, what about characters from past Disgaea titles? How would they interact with the carefully crafted cast of miscreants? They make everything better.

Adell is likely the first cameo character you will unlock in Disgaea 6, and he is arguably one of the best. Adell, being a former lead of his own Disgaea title, is naturally a force to be reckoned with. If you want someone who can kill just about anything – single-handedly – then Adell is your man.

Who Is Adell?

Adell is the hero of Veldime. He is a fist-throwing, fighter who upholds the virtues of righteousness and honesty, and he loves nothing more than a good scrap. His fists burn as bright as his hair, and he is as endearing as he is deadly.

Why Use Adell?

Adell, like Zed and Piyori, is a single-target menace. He is capable of unleashing a devastating amount of damage – so much so that he might be one of the most powerful characters in the entire game. When combined with a character like Melodia, Adell skyrockets to become truly devastating.

What Weapon Does Adell Use?

You take Adell for one reason – his amazing Fists.


Adell has an S-Rank in Fist, and this makes him one of the few characters in Disgaea to attain that mastery. Because of this, there is no reason to use any other weapon on Adell. He is simply too good at what he does, and diluting that raw power is simply not recommended.

Adell’s Unique Evilities

Adell comes with one Evility.

Indomitable FistAfter attacking with a unique skill, attack with it again

And here we have it – the reason we take Adell. Indomitable Fist is stupidly good. Adell has some killer unique skills, and this doubles his damage – every turn – for free. As a single-target brawler, this makes Adell especially good at killing bosses.

Adell’s Unique Attacks

Adell's Specials are outstanding.

Crimson Flame BATK/SPDFire0N/A
Soaring FireCATK/SPDFire0Cross
Vulcan BlazeSSATK/SPDFire0N/A

All of Adell’s attacks are great. Crimson Flame allows Adell to deal damage from behind the front line, and Soaring Fire gives him a very nice AOE (remember he attacks twice with it). The star of the show is Vulcan Blaze, however. This is a ludicrous ability thanks to the SS rank. This, being used twice per turn, will kill just about anything.

The only downside to Adell is that ALL of his unique skills are Fire based. This makes him very susceptible to being shut down by a fire-resistant enemy. You can offset this with buffs, but it can be painful to deal with. On the flip side, if an enemy is weak to Fire, then Adell is somehow even more powerful.

How To Use Adell

Adell wants to get in the enemy's face and beat them to death with Vulcan Blaze. That is all you have to know. To make this even better, make sure to have Adell partnered up with the likes of Melodia, Bieko and Rozalin. All of these characters apply buffs (sometimes passive) that make Adell even stronger. Not only that, but Melodia has an ability that allows a character to activate twice per turn.

Why is this powerful? Well, it allows Adell to attack FOUR TIMES per turn. If something somehow managed to survive Adell’s first flurry, his second will surely finish them off. The only exceptions should be Super Bosses.

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