Disgaea 6 – Super Reincarnation Guide

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Disgaea 6 is the ultimate grind. In a game where levelling to 99,999,999 is the end goal, being asked to restart that climb is a tall order. I mean, why would you ever willingly choose to go from 99,999,998 and drop all the way to level one? It sounds like a joke – a ruse that a playground mate might tell you for a laugh.

Well, what if we told you that restarting your level progress hundreds of times was actually the intended way to play? What if we told you that Super Reincarnating will make you substantially more powerful than just pushing yourself to reach that juicy level cap? We promise this isn’t a joke.

What Is Super Reincarnation?

Super Reincarnation is a system in Disgaea 6 that allows you to take a character, and reset them back to level one. It doesn’t matter what level you were before Super Reincarnating – you will be level one when you use this system, and that can be a difficult pill to swallow.

Reincarnation has always been a major system in Disgaea, and the sixth entry is no different. The truth of the matter is, whilst levels are important, your stats and their growth are vastly more so. Super Reincarnation allows you to make characters, at level one, who are more powerful than they were thousands of levels higher.

Why Should You Super Reincarnate?

Super Reincarnation should be used simply because you are gaining more power. Every time you Super Reincarnate, you get the option to spend your gathered Karma. That Karma allows you to increase your base stats. Each Super Reincarnation allows you to push your base stats higher and higher.

The reason this is important is that your base stats are part of the formula that determines your stat growth. The higher they are at level one, the higher they will be millions of levels later. A level 1000 Warrior who has Super Reincarnated ONCE, will be noticeably more powerful than a level 1000 Warrior who hasn’t.

Levelling Speed

Another huge advantage to Super Reincarnation is that you will rapidly regain levels until you reach the level you were before. Disgaea 6 has you gaining levels in the hundreds by default – so that put into overdrive means your piddly level one, Super Reincarnated Star Witch will be back to her usual level staggeringly quickly.

In reality, Super Reincarnation knocks you down a peg for maybe a stage or two. After that? You are ready to rock.


Evilities are powerful passive abilities you can purchase with Mana. These are split into class and character-specific, as well as generic. These can drastically increase your abilities in combat, among other things. The catch? They tend to be expensive.

Super Reincarnation will always give you a free, random Evility. These can be completely worthless on a character depending on what you get, but, you can convert that Evility into a scroll to teach another character. You can also sell the Evility for Mana, allowing your next Super Reincarnation to be more powerful.

Class Changing

The final reason for Super Reincarnate is to change classes. There are buckets of classes in Disgaea 6, and you can mix and match classes to your heart's content. Not everything will transfer over of course, but if you want your Fire Witch to know Ice and Wind Spells, then there is no harm in changing her speciality during Super Reincarnation.

When To Reincarnate?

This is the real question. The best time to Super Reincarnate is when you have enough Mana to do so effectively – and when you have reached a sufficient level. For regular characters, this means you probably want to Super Reincarnate when you have 100, 200, 1000, and 5000 Mana. This can take a while to get early on, but the more you play, the faster you nab them.

Super Reincarnating Zed

Super Reincarnation and Zed go hand in hand. So much so, that you want to be Super Reincarnating him as often as you can. Why? Zed not only gains the usual benefits of Super Reincarnation, but he also gains bonus damage every time he does it. It’s only a 1 percent increase, but that 1 percent stacks up to 200 percent.

This makes a Super Reincarnated Zed at least 3x more powerful than a Zed who has not done any – and that is without taking into consideration the base benefits of the system. Zed is an absolute powerhouse.

You still want to plan your Super Reincarnates to be effective. Make sure you have plenty of Mana and complete your D-Merits to gain bonus Karma. You want each Super Reincarnate to be more than a 1 percent increase in damage after all.

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