DISGAEA RPG: 10 Essential Tips For Netherworld Newcomers (Sponsored)

Boltrend Games and Forwardworks have brought the belovedly zany JRPG franchise to iOS and Android devices with DISGAEA RPG, a new entry in the series which is now available across all manner of mobile devices. It maintains many of the series epic hallmarks while introducing a number of fascinating new mechanics.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a hesitant newcomer, there’s more than a few things to wrap your gamer brain around, so we’ve compiled a list of ten essential tips to help you get started with DISGAEA RPG. These range from the perfect party setup to which modes and menus will offer frequent instances of loot to snap up. Without any further delay, let’s get started.

1 – Take Your Time Picking An Opening Summon

Before your first battle even begins, DISGAEA RPG will offer you a treasure box to unlock which can contain a number of iconic characters from the series. However, unlike rolls to follow, this one can be rerolled an infinite amount of times until you stumble upon a character you love.

Take your time with this one, and don’t be afraid to roll again if the character that emerges doesn’t appeal to your aesthetic tastes. Stats don’t matter too much at this point, so simply focus on whatever looks cute or cool to your eyes. I ended up settling on Raspberyl, a personal favourite delinquent of mine from DISGAEA 3: Absence of Justice.

2 – Pick A Solid Selection Of Opening Characters

Much like your initial hero pick, the opening party of characters you fight with are also picked with relative freedom. You’ll be replacing them soon enough with more exotic pulls from chests and treasure boxes, but it’s still important to ensure your first round of characters are capable of dealing damage and protecting your party where it matters.

Luckily, DISGAEA RPG makes things easier with an ‘Auto’ button that fills your party with a balanced selection of warriors without wasting your time. Given its status as a mobile game, this is perfect for those who wish to jump into the action without fiddling endlessly with status sheets and other prompts.

3 – Don’t Be Afraid To Switch Characters

The number of playable characters in DISGAEA RPG can be rather overwhelming. Your party is limited to five individuals at any given time, so you’ll need to be selective when it comes to choosing who marches into battle. Chances are, once you’ve rolled a few familiar faces or edgy demons with cool outfits, you’ll pop them into your party and never look back.

However, don’t be afraid to experiment. This is a game that rewards you for mixing up your playstyle, often through experience bonuses or completing challenges you weren’t even aware existed until conquering them. It’s a sweet side to mobile games we don’t often talk about, and this is one with enough depth that toying around with new characters shouldn’t be discouraged.

4 – Finish Off Enemies With The Right Character

Just like the mainline games, not all characters earn experience points when an enemy is defeated. Instead, the spoils are awarded to whoever dealt the finishing blow. Knowing this, try and ensure whoever you are trying to level up is made priority when dispatching powerful enemies or boss characters.

Team Attacks will remedy this by throwing experience points across the entire party, but it’s not always possible to predict instances like this, so it’s better to be safe rather than sorry.

5 – Take Advantage Of Team Attacks

Speaking of team attacks, these are supremely powerful and visually spectacular moves which are capable of dealing massive damage. You and your allies will team up to form humanoid structures in the sky before plummeting down upon your foes, or remain on solid ground to deliver a flurry of devastating attacks.

These moves are incredible to witness, and can help a gauntlet of battles go by so much faster if you’re willing to execute them on a frequent basis. More outlandish attacks are performed depending on the number of characters involved in the attack, and you can also expect such moves to deal even more damage, too.

6 – Focus On Mission Objectives

Each battle, regardless of how big or small, will have a trio of mission objectives that can be completed in exchange for additional currency and rewards. I found myself completing them without even noticing in the first few chapters, but they will soon become a little more daunting.

However, checking the parameters of each objective and making a solid effort to complete them will result in a bunch of worthwhile spoils. It’s rewards for minimal effort, which counts for everything in a game where gold, Nether Quartz, and other currency dictate exactly which goodies you can unlock.

7 – Use The Turn Gauge To Plan Your Strategy

DISGAEA RPG implements a mechanic I didn’t expect from a game of this ilk on the platform. This way, you can see when allies and enemies are about to step up to the plate and perform an action.

While such an addition might seem minimal, it’s actually a valuable way of planning strategies around both combat and defense. You can ensure your party is ready to withstand a series of devastating enemy attacks, or deliver a series of killing blows when a row of turns turns up for your party. The baddies can’t defend themselves, so it’s time to dish out some punishment.

8 – Earn Nether Quartz In The Memory Shop

Nether Quartz is the currency that dictate the gacha system in DISGAEA RPG. You require this currency to pull new characters, and it can either be earned or paid for with real-world money. Fortunately, the game is pretty generous when it comes to dishing out Nether Quartz on a regular basis.

You’ll earn them by completing challenges and progressing through the story at your own pace, but the Memory Shop is a corner of the user interface packed with humorous character interactions and plenty of Nether Quartz simply waiting to be pinched.

The Memory Shop allows you to partake in dialogue events with unlocked characters, earning Nether Quartz for your trouble. These sequences are fun and well-written, so it’s worth diving into them even if you aren’t after any rewards, since it adds a nice layer of development to a huge roster of personalities.

9 – Don’t Be Afraid To Speed Up Battles

The ability to speed up encounters in some RPGs would be frowned upon. You aren’t witnessing the majesty of epic attacks or quirky character interactions, and thus the experience is ruined forever. DISGAEA RPG isn’t anything like this, and speeding things up to 2.0 or 4.0 speed can make progressing through the game so much easier.

Character voices and movements are sped up significantly, while the user interface still operates at a level where selecting moves and proving yourself as a badass on the field of battle is more than possible. Watching as my party screams like a pack of feral chipmunks before dealing thousands upon thousands of points worth of damage still hasn’t gotten old.

10 – Always Remember To Check The Gift Box

When you complete challenges and objectives, you might be confused as to why all of your rewards aren’t appearing in your inventory. This is because they are immediately shipped to the Gift Box. Located in the Stronghold, the Gift Box holds all of your spoils thus far and can be opened at any time. It’s easy to forget when things pile up, so make sure you’re checking it on a regular basis.

To celebrate the game’s launch, Nippon Ichi Software and Boltrend Games are giving away a variety of goodies which new players can use to roll characters and unlock all manner of bonuses. I was a little overwhelmed at first, but quickly fell into a groove as I began to stake my claim amidst the Netherworld.

DISGAEA RPG is now available for download on iOS and Android.

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