Disney Villainous: 5 Characters That Are Best For Beginners (& 5 That Are Suited For Advanced Players)

The Disney tabletop game, Disney Villainous, is for the fans hoping to have their chance as a villain. Players will take control of the classic villains like Maleficent, Mother Gothel, and others as they must complete their own specific objectives before their opponents.

Not every villain is as easy to play as others. Players cannot let their love for a specific villain cloud their judgment. Between unique objectives and different play styles, some villains require advanced players to function successfully. You don’t need to be an experienced gamer to enjoy this board game, though. That’s the beauty of the game. It can be hard to find a solid board game for everyone to enjoy today, but Villainous is great for players of all skill levels. For all the beginners out there, here’s some insight into which villains are the easiest and which are too advanced.


Cruella De Vil’s game objective is to capture all 99 puppies in her realm. To do so, players will have to manage their allies (Horace and Jasper) and the few other cards that will allow her to capture those adorable puppies.

The most difficult part of Cruella De Vil in this classic Disney game is the fact that she needs players to understand how to move allies around, but she really just requires players to activate cards.  Soon enough, players will get the rhythm of Cruella De Vil’s playstyle in the game and catch all those puppies.


Mother Gothel’s objective is completely focused on Rapunzel and the trust that is between them. To win a match in this fantastic Disney game, she will need at least ten Trust with Rapunzel. She is perhaps the more difficult of the villains as she cannot vanquish her hero, Rapunzel, and has to keep her away from Corona city.

In fact, players have to keep an eye on Rapunzel because she moves closer to Corona city with every turn. Mother Gothel’s entire playstyle is micromanaging Rapunzel and using allies and items to gain her trust.


This villain just wants to defeat Mufasa and any hero that comes after him, to keep Pride Rock under his control. To win as Scar, players must start their turn with at least a 15 in the Succession pile. The key to Scar is to defeat Mufasa as soon as possible.

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Once Mufasa is defeated, any hero that players defeat will go into their Succession pile. With each hero defeated, the player will get closer to victory. Players need only use packs of hyenas while keeping an eye out for Rafiki and no hero will get in their way.


Like Mother Gothel, Yzma is obsessed with her hero, Kuzco. But instead of keeping him away from something, Yzma needs to find and defeat Kuzco. This might sound easy, but finding Kuzco is difficult when players need to look through four Fate decks for one card.

Not only that, but Kuzco must be defeated by Yzma’s partner in crime, Kronk. The catch? Kronk can turn against the player during the game. The player’s Villainous experience then turns into managing Kronk while also searching for Kuzco.

6 BEST FOR BEGINNERS: Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts might be unfamiliar to newer Disney fans (who may missed out on the classic SNES/Genesis Disney titles), but those who remember her are in good hands. To win, she only needs Wickets at each location in her realm before she can take a shot and win the game. For a Wicket to appear at every location, players will need to play card guards and convert them to Wickets throughout the game. However, this is an easy task.

Players need only use the card guards’ ‘activate’ ability, and they will turn into the Wickets the Queen of Hearts needs. Players also don’t have to defeat any heroes. Instead, players can use their shrink cards and make them less of a nuisance.


Hades needs to start a turn with at least three Titans on Mount Olympus. However, this simple task is hindered by the fact players will need to get them out of their deck and move them to Mount Olympus with heroes interfering.

Though a player can use Titans to take care of the hero, one it’s used, that Titan must be discarded. This is a disastrous situation when Hades only has five Titans in his deck. Hades’ Fate deck is also stacked against him, as it can trap Titans and stop them from doing anything. Just like in the iconic movie Hercules (it’d be great to explore his realm in a modern video game), Hades is a villain with the odds stacked against him.


Maleficent is the second easiest villain in Disney Villainous. For her to win, players need only start their turn with a curse at each location. The key to this is handling the heroes early on and saving your last few curses to play all at once. This way, no other players can sabotage once you’ve played your curses.

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Maleficent also has the Raven ally. The Raven can fly anywhere at the start of a turn and take an action for the player. This ally will ease the burden on the player and pave their way to victory.


Ursula must start her turn with the Crown and the Trident at Ursula’s Lair. Ursula’s playstyle in this game involves discarding a majority of cards in order to find the Crown and the Trident as well as the Binding Contracts. The Binding Contracts are another mechanic of Ursula’s that make her a difficult villain. They’re are necessary for Ursula to lock away pesky heroes.

Not only that, but there is always a place in Ursula’s realm that is locked. Only by changing Ursula’s form can players unlock it, but another place will be locked instead. Players using Ursula will have to time their cards right and hope they can quickly find the cards they are looking for.


Prince John is the easiest Disney villain for beginners to start with, as his objective is simply to have 20 Power at the start of his turn. He can essentially win the game by the ninth turn, by jumping between The Jail and Friar Tuck’s Church. However, no player is going to sit down and let this happen.

This is where Prince John’s defensive playstyle comes in handy. Any heroes in the realm can be taxed and give the players Power. Prince John’s Greed condition card also makes him a powerhouse, as it gives the player three Power when any other player has six. Prince John’s super powerful deck (think Woodland Sprite FTK in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links) is designed to easily produce this resource and is perfect for new players.


Ratigan is the hardest villain for beginners as he has two different objectives. Only one is necessary for him to win, but he has two because his hero can easily take out the Robot Queen. The Robot Queen is an item card that needs to make it to Buckingham Palace in order for him to win. She costs 15 Power, which makes her difficult to play, and it takes strategy to get her to Buckingham Palace without interference.

However, because she is an item card, she can be discarded by the hero Basil. The objective then becomes to defeat Basil. This is no easy task. The only card that can easily do this is Felicia. Ratigan’s playstyle is all about planning ahead and preparing all sorts of contingencies. Just like the mastermind himself, players will need to outsmart all players at the table.

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