Disney’s Dreamlight Valley Will Add Scar And An Improved Photo Mode In October

Dreamlight Valley's early access launched this year, giving Disney fans the chance to live out their virtual lives alongside some of their favorite fictional characters. The plan is clearly to grow the game and its roster exponentially, and Disney has revealed that will begin when it adds Scar next month.

Disney revealed a number of the improvements it is working on right now via the Dreamlight Valley Twitter account (thanks, GamesRadar). While it doesn't give an exact date, it does reveal the patch will be applied in around three weeks and will include The Lion King's Scar. The villainous big cat will be the first new character added to the game since early access began.

Scar is already on Dreamlight Valley's menu and was also shown during Disney's game showcase earlier this month. It was only going to be a matter of time before he was officially added to the game. What Scar will bring with him is yet to be revealed. However, his arrival will come with a number of bug fixes and improvements to the game's photo mode.

Dreamlight Valley's photo mode is a huge part of the game. One of its biggest draws is creating a Disney character of your very own and snapping pics of them alongside the likes of Elsa and Wall-e. One of the improvements to Dreamlight Valley's photo mode will be the addition of new poses for your avatar. The patch will also fix progression loss issues and items missing from people's founder's packs.

Although Scar will be the first new character added to Dreamlight Valley, Disney has already looked past the lion to what's next. A Toy Story expansion was revealed at D23, an update that will welcome Woody and Buzz to the game. There's currently no news on when exactly the Pixar characters will be coming to the game, though.

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