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DNF Duel is the new, unique fighting game from Eighting, Neople, and Arc System Works that pits severely overpowered and ridiculous characters against one another for fast-paced anime action. While some characters are a cut above the rest, all of them have the potential to unleash pure chaos in the blink of an eye, making for exciting match-ups no matter who's involved.

Take Ranger, one of the few Zoners in DNF Duel, who uses his dual revolvers to keep his opponents in check from a safe distance. However, since this game thrives on making everyone feel broken, Ranger also has several options that allow him to dominate in close-range situations and can even fling himself across the stage to give himself the space he needs to annihilate his opponent.

If you want to get the general gist of Ranger's capabilities and playstyle, you can look over his Command List here!

Ranger Overview

As mentioned above, Ranger is one of the few pure Zoning characters in DNF Duel but also has a suite of excellent close-range options that allow him to thrive in just about any situation if you know how to approach them. Ranger's overall strategy is to lay down thick pressure from a safe distance, chain nasty combos, and air juggle with his incredible toolkit. His ability to keep applying pressure from any position makes him a significant threat to most of the cast in DNF Duel, especially those who cannot close in on their opponent. And, if things get too hairy, he can propel himself across the screen to reset his position and begin his onslaught once more.

Despite being the strongest at range, his exceptional close-range abilities also allow him to dominate rushdown characters who don't respect his short-range options. Even if you aren't into Zoning fighters, Ranger has enough at his disposal that can make you feel at home, making him an excellent entry point into the archetype. Furthermore, Ranger's combos and attack strings are easy to execute and build on, making him an outstanding choice for genre newcomers.

Speaking of newcomers, if you're new to DNF Duel or fighting games in general, please take a moment to review the table of common notations and terminology of the game below! We will use these rather frequently throughout the guide, so having a general grasp of these inputs and commands will go a long way and help you tremendously.

DNF Duel Notations

Command NameCommand Display
Standard AA
Standard BB
Mana SkillMS
Awakening SkillAS
Down Back1/⭩
Down Forward3/⭨
Up Back7/⭦
Up Forward9/⭧
Jump (j.)

Jump refers to any of the three "up" commands.

Hold OKInput can be held for additional effects.
Air OKInput can be performed in mid-air, allowing you to execute the action while airborne.
OTGRefers to Off/On The Ground, signifying that the action can continue the combo even after your opponent hits the ground.

Ranger Special Moves

In most games, Special Moves (Skills) will be your Heavy Attack and the strongest action at your disposal aside from your Super or any charged-up skills. However, in DNF Duel, Special Moves are part of your standard attacks that will lead to even more powerful Mana Skills, which are your ultra-powerful attacks that require Mana to execute. Still, Skills are one of your most crucial and necessary actions and are essential for setting up combos, attack strings, and much more, and should not be understated even slightly. And, coincidentally, Ranger has some of the best standard Skills in the game, which we will showcase now why that's the case!

Mach Kick

Mach Kick is a wide-reaching kick that is an excellent action to hit confirm and launch into several other Skills. Not only is the hitbox huge, but Mach Kick is also the fastest move at Ranger's disposal, except for his grab. Furthermore, Mach Kick is Ranger's 5S command, making it an excellent opening action and neutral tool.

For combos, Mach Kick can cancel into Windmill, Triple Tap, Suppressive Barrage, Wild Shot, Deadly Approach, and Death Hawk. As you can see, this Skill is one of the best hit confirms in the game as it allows Ranger to launch into combos quite effortlessly if he lands it.

Steep Slide

Steep Slide has Ranger slide forward with tremendous momentum, traveling roughly half-screen. Due to Ranger's standard 2B attack being a low-profile shot and confirm, Steep Slide is an excellent follow-up that can lead to full combos and punishes. Additionally, this is Ranger's 2S action, which makes it pair well with his 2B (as mentioned earlier).

After landing Steep Slide, you can cancel into several options, such as Windmill, Triple Tap, Suppressive Barrage, Wild Shot, Deadly Approach, and Death Hawk. The most common combo setup involving Steep Slide goes as follows: 2B > 2S (Steep Slide) > Any of the options mentioned. However, be warned that Deadly Approach and Death Hawk cannot be canceled into if you execute Steep Slide at close range.


Ranger spins forward with a spinaroonie, landing devastating kicks on anyone caught in the twirling, breakdancing chaos. Aside from granting Ranger the Air Raid action, Windmill is an excellent combo extender and ender and can even set them up if appropriately executed. To perform Windmill, you will have to input the 6S command.

Windmill is one of Ranger's best actions, as it can lead to several options. As mentioned, he gains Air Raid, which can extend or end combos, but he can also cancel this action into Suppressive Barrage, Wild Shot, Deadly Approach, and Death Hawk. This is an excellent Skill, and one Ranger will use frequently.

Air Raid

Only available after executing Windmill is Air Raid, a move that has Ranger perform a rising kick with incredible force and momentum, launching his target in the air on contact. This is typically used to end combos but can be used in tandem with Ranger's G-14 Buster Skill and Suppressive Barrage Mana Skill, but only in specific circumstances. Due to this Skill being an extension of Windmill, you execute it by inputting the S command mid-Windmill (6SS).

Triple Tap

Triple Tap starts with Ranger performing a pistol whip, followed by three shots diagonally towards the ground from his revolver. If the downward strike from the revolver hits an opponent, they will be placed into a hard knockdown state. Luckily, all three of the following shots can hit OTG, allowing Ranger to follow up with almost all of his Mana Skills.

Any of the four hits of Triple Tap can cancel into the following Mana Skills: Suppressive Barrage, Wild Shot, Deadly Approach, and Death Hawk. Furthermore, Triple Tap is often used as a way to combo into Seventh Flow, Ranger's Awakening Skill. Triple Tap is also performed with the 4S input.

G-14 Buster

G-14 Buster may be one of Ranger's best Skills, as it allows him to control the pacing of the match and can help set up incredibly potent attack strings and combos. When in the air, Ranger tosses a grenade forward that will bounce a few times when it hits the ground before coming to a stop, exploding 165 frames from when Ranger throws it. This allows Ranger to apply pressure and offers several mix-up options, forcing his opponent to react by blocking or getting out of its area of effect. G-14 Buster is Ranger's j.S command.

There are several ways to incorporate G-14 Buster into combo strings. If the grenade is on the field, performing Windmill and Air Raid will guarantee the explosion to hit your target. Furthermore, you can weave it into a combo after executing Death Hawk or Deadly Approach, allowing you to extend the combo quite drastically. Another excellent feature of G-14 Buster is that even if Ranger is hit, it will remain in play until it detonates. This Skill will also launch opponents on contact, allowing you to continue combos. However, only one grenade can be in play at a time, so use it wisely!

Ranger MP Special Moves

With Ranger's out-of-control Skills covered, it's time to get into even more absurd moves with his Mana Skills. Mana Skills are the coming attraction of every character in DNF Duel. They are the moves that allow them to showcase their true potential, which is typically terrifyingly broken and powerful. As implied, Mana Skills use Mana to be performed, which is a resource every character has and must manage smartly to execute devastating combos and attacks.

Getting greedy or overzealous can place you in an "Exhausted" state, which happens whenever you spend more Mana than you currently have. This means your MP will take longer to regenerate, so you cannot use any Mana Skills for a prolonged period. It's best to avoid this state at all costs. If it seems Mana Skills are incredibly strong, it's because they are, which is why they need a resource management system to keep things from going off the rails faster than they already do. For an example of this, just look at Ranger's devastating Mana Skills below!

Suppressive Barrage

Suppressive Barrage is Ranger's 5MS command, which has him fire his dual revolvers straight ahead, covering lots of space and range. This Mana Skill can be extended two times by pressing the MS input during the animation. However, each shot of Suppressive Barrage consumes more Mana, which goes as follows:

  • Suppressive Barrage: 40 MP
  • Double Barrage: 30 MP (70 MP Total)
  • Triple Barrage: 15 MP (85 MP Total)

Furthermore, the penultimate shot will launch your opponent, which can lead to combos depending on the distance, whereas the final shot will knock your target away. Suppressive Barrage is typically used towards the end of the round as its excellent coverage of space allows you to control the pacing of the match.

Wild Shot

Wild Shot is Ranger's invincible reversal but is a far better combo entender than an anti-air tool, which is not what this type of Mana Skill typically is. Wild Shot will often be weaved into corner combos and is used to hit already launched opponents who are high in the air. However, it's also used to catch rolling opponents after using G-14 Buster, which will guarantee the detonation to hit the opponent if you catch them. Wild Shot will cost 60 MP to use.

Mana Skills are vastly different than standard Skills for various reasons, but one of the most significant ways is that you can perform some of them via motion inputs to regenerate Mana faster. For example, Wild Shot can be carried out with 2MS or 623MS (⭢⭣⭨MS).

Deadly Approach

Deadly Approach is an excellent way for Ranger to reposition himself as he catapults himself three-fourths across the screen while spraying a barrage of bullets towards the ground. This Mana Skill is often used to escape corner pressure, launch into combos, and frametrap your opponent.

If your target is on the ground, Deadly Approach will make them crumple to the ground, allowing you to follow up with more attacks for a combo. Deadly Approach will consume 60 MP when used.

Mana Skills are vastly different than standard Skills for various reasons, but one of the most significant ways is that you can perform some of them via motion inputs to regenerate Mana faster. For example, Deadly Approach can be carried out with 6MS or 236MS (⭣⭨⭢MS).

Death Hawk

Death Hawk costs 70 MP and has Ranger toss his dual revolvers forward, causing them to spin in place while firing several shots. After shooting, they will explode, dealing even more damage than before. While a high-damaging Mana Skill, it is often used to rapidly deplete your target's Guard Gauge, set up a throw, or sneak in a G-14 Buster.

Mana Skills are vastly different than standard Skills for various reasons, but one of the most significant ways is that you can perform some of them via motion inputs to regenerate Mana faster. For example, Death Hawk can be carried out with 4MS or 214MS (⭣⭩⭠MS).

Scud Genocide

When in mid-air, Ranger nosedives towards the ground, rapidly firing shots from his dual revolvers on the way down. Scud Genocide can be extended two times, consuming more Mana with each extension, which looks like:

  • Scud Genocide: 30 MP
  • Double Scud Genocide: 20 MP (50 MP Total)
  • Triple Scud Genocide: 10 MP (60 MP Total)

Scud Genocide will hit OTG, allowing Ranger to extend combos. This Mana Skill is also often used after Windmill and Air Raid, allowing him to use G-14 Buster to continue his pressure. Scud Genocide is executed by using the j.MS command can be extended by pressing the MS input during the animation.

Ranger Awakening Skill And Effect

Now it's time for the grand finale, Ranger's Awakening Skill and Effect. In DNF Duel, every character has access to one Awaken Skill and Effect, which become active whenever they're placed in an Awakening State. To enter an Awakened State, you must have your health pool whittled down to 30 percent remaining or less, which is there to give you the opportunity to claw your way back into the match. The Awakening Skill is your flashy, over-the-top Super Move. Your Awakening Effect is a passive buff that will grant you unique properties and enhancements specific to your character.

Seventh Flow is Ranger's Awakening Skill, which has him fire off a shot from his dual revolvers that travels full screen. On contact, one of the best animations for a Super Move will play out, having Ranger dash around the screen while unloading perfectly placed shots on his opponent. Due to this action's properties, it is typically canceled into during a combo and can be canceled into from just about any of his Skills or Mana Skills. Seventh Flow is performed by the AS command.

Sudden Death is Ranger's Awakening Effect, and it's a dang good one at that. This passive buff will have Ranger place the 'Revenge' debuff on his opponent with any hit for seven seconds. Revenge will lower his opponent's damage output by 25 percent, have them receive 33 percent more damage, and make their MP regenerate 33 percent slower. This Awakening Effect is unbelievably good, considering Ranger can hit you from just about any position or spot on the stage.

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