Donkey Kong Country 3 Finally Comes To Switch Online This Month

Surprising fans out of the blue (as is the Nintendo way), Nintendo has announced that Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble will be coming to Nintendo Switch Online’s SNES app on December 18, 2020. Along with the conclusion to Rare’s SNES trilogy, four other games spread across both the SNES and NES apps will be included.

These other titles include Super Valis IV, Tuff E Nuff, and The Ignition Factor for SNES while NES is getting only a single addition in Nightshade. That last game may ring a bell for you as it was featured on the Angry Video Game Nerd some years back. It’s not particularly good, but I guess Switch Online isn’t strictly about quality.

More curious than the other four games of dubious quality is the fact that Nintendo hasn’t updated either of its classic game apps since late September. Just a few months ago, Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest was added to the SNES app and that’s awesome. Despite having access to possibly the greatest collection of retro games, Nintendo loves to drip-feed new titles onto its paid service at a snail’s pace.

Regardless of how you’ll likely never play those other games, Donkey Kong Country 3 finally being available is great for retro enthusiasts. This will complete the DKC trilogy on Switch and could possibly lead into an eventual port for Donkey Kong Country Returns. I’m possibly being too optimistic there, but I would love to have all of the DKC games on one device.

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