Doom Slayer Rumored To Be Coming To Fortnite Next Week

A well known Fortnite leaker is teasing a potential Doom Slayer skin coming to Fortnite next week.

HypeX, the same one who recently revealed a 40v40 zero-build game mode coming to Fortnite, just dropped a fairly definitive case for the Doom Slayer’s arrival next week. Referring to @MidaRado, who gave three possibilities for franchise crossovers, HypeX picked Doom for a few compelling reasons.

First, Doom 64 is free on the Epic Games Store right now in honor of QuakeCon, which is also happening this weekend. There’s even a big sale on all Bethesda games to celebrate QuakeCon. And third, Fall Guys recently got a set of Doom-themed costumes. Pretty much the only Epic property that hasn’t received a Doom flavor blast is Fortnite, but that seems very likely to change next week.

One Twitter user did note that there is still a possibility for a Lord of the Rings crossover. There’s a reference to Helm’s Deep on the current Island build, and while it could just be a fun easter egg, it could also be a hint of things to come.

There’s still plenty of time in the season for a Lord of the Rings crossover, but Doom 64 is only free until next week, and QuakeCon ends on Saturday. Timing wise, Doom makes the most sense. Stay tuned next week to find out.

In the meantime, the Dragon Ball crossover event is currently on with some fun skins, including Goku, Bulma, and Vegeta, and a few fun items. Perhaps the most fun is the Kamehameha mythic, which lets you summon your chi into a massive, all-consuming blast that can wipe entire lines of enemies out simultaneously. In fact, one YouTuber proved you can take out 41 opponents if they're kind enough to line up for you.

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