Dota 2 New Hero – Danko The Dolphin – Is A Good Fake

Danko The Dolphin obviously isn’t real. Dota 2 has had some weird heroes, but I can’t ever see Valve naming one of its characters “Danko”. Still, Danko The Dolphin has got the Dota 2 community all confused. What a legend.

Here’s his (fake) reveal trailer:

Dota 2 Danko The Dolphin

Here’s a breakdown of the (definitely fake) hero’s skills:

Echo Location (they should have called it Ecco Location)

Danko The Dolphin launches a hypersonic squeak that travels the entire length of the map. When the sound wave connects with the enemy unit, the sound wave travels back and reveals an outline of the enemy unit to Danko and the allies at that location. The closer the enemy is, the faster the sound wave bounces back, while far off enemies will take some time to return.

So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish

Danko calls out to his pod, summoning them after a short channel to his location. The pod swims around him, creating a puddle, then leaps into the air to the nearest water source. Should Danko or a member of the pod contact an enemy, they will carry the enemy with them on their back. The pod and Danko can continue to jump from one water source to another, but cannot return to used water sources. Enemies are carried on the dolphins’ backs until they hit dry land. Enemies cannot act while along for the ride, but Danko and pod members can be stunned.

Dank Dive

When near a body of water (the river or trail created by Puffer Punt), Danko can dive under the surface, gaining invisibility and increased movement speed over time. When reaching the water’s edge, Danko breaches and flies through the air, traveling further the more speed he accumulated. Upon impact with dry land, Danko will stun all enemies in an AoE, dealing damage. Leaves a puddle in its wake. Landing in a water source allows for continued movement and speed bonuses until land is hit.

Puffer Punt

Danko chews on the flesh of a pufferfish, inebriating himself. Increases damage resistance to all types of damage. After a short charge time, Danko spikes the pufferfish like a volleyball in the direction he chooses. When spiked, the pufferfish will leave behind a trail of water in its wake. If the ball hits an enemy, it will explode, slowing all enemies in its AoE.

Now, if it wasn’t for the fact old Danko was so OP, this could have had lots of people fooled. Well, if it wasn’t for all the typos (which I’ve fixed above) and the fact that everyone in the trailer is voiced by one guy. It gave Reddit something to get temporarily excited about before realisation set in, though.

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