Dragalia Lost New Year’s Update Is Live, Includes New Raid Event

Dragalia Lost’s New Year’s event is now live and includes a brand new story quest, as well as a four-player co-op raid.

Sorry we’re a little late on this one — we got a little too much into the Christmas nog this year and have only just gotten around to some of mobile gaming’s big updates. The biggest of which is easily Dragalia Lost‘s New Year event called New Year’s Tidings: A Clawful Caper.

“A wyrmclan leader named Mitsuhide has arrived, bringing a chaotic cohort of companions along with her,” Nintendo says on the official Dragalia Lost website. “Mitsuhide is here to deliver blessings, but Ebisu, a feline dragon, has made off with all of the gifts she brought!”

It’s up to you and an adorable mouse dragon to recover those gifts in a “clawful caper.” There will be a new adventurer named Hanabusa who can become a permanent adventurer if you increase your friendship levels enough, as well as a new dragon named Ebisu that you’ll need to overcome in a 4-player raid.

The raid will consist of fighting Ebisu himself as well as his fishy minions. Defeating the fish will boost the fish basket displayed at the top of the screen, and the more fish defeated, the better your chances of netting sweet item drops and good rewards after defeating Ebisu.

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The event started on December 31st and will run to January 14th. After that, an epilogue will play so long as you’ve completed all the new story quests that were added with the event. For the full list of changes with the recent update, check out the official Dragalia Lost website.

If you’ve never even heard of Dragalia Lost, it’s Nintendo’s third mobile title. Released back in 2018, Dragalia Lost is an action-RPG with tons of colorful characters and simple combat (you’re playing on a phone after all). You play as a noble prince on a quest to save your kingdom by forming pacts with dragons. After a pact is formed, you can turn into that dragon to vanquish your enemies.

Although it received mixed reviews on Metacritic, Dragalia Lost has been a commercial success for Nintendo, so expect the game to keep receiving updates for some time to come.

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