Dragon Quest Creator Teases Announcement Of "That Game"

Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii seems to be teasing an announcement for Dragon Quest 12 during the upcoming Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary live stream.

Yuji Horii Tweeted a link to the anniversary live stream, which will take place on Thursday, and said, “Finally, this Thursday, Dragon Quest will celebrate its 35th anniversary. And, as you may already know, we will deliver the 35th-anniversary special on the day. In the broadcast, we will announce a lot of things with gratitude so far. Of course, that game too… Everyone, look forward to it”.

Although most of the quote is just talking about the upcoming stream, the bit that has fans particularly excited is the mention of “that game”. There’s really only one game that Dragon Quest fans are expecting to see at the event and that’s Dragon Quest 12.

Considering how long it’s been since Dragon Quest 11 was released, it would make sense for “that game” to be Dragon Quest 12, and would especially make sense to appear as the showstopper for the 35th Anniversary. Fans have been wanting to hear about a new numbered entry in the series for years, so the teasing and use of “that game” would be pretty warranted here.

Whether we just get a tease of an announcement or a full reveal of the next Dragon Quest, the language here makes it seem incredibly likely that we’ll be seeing Dragon Quest 12.

The much less exciting prospect is that the game could be Dragon Quest: The Adventure Of Dai: Infinity Strash, a console adaptation of the ongoing anime series. That game is still pretty highly anticipated by the Dragon Quest community, but it doesn’t seem like it’d be what Yuji Horii is teasing for the event.

That seems like an unlikely situation though. Not only is Infinity Strash a known quantity and something that Yuji Horii would likely just refer to by name, but it’s not exactly the big Dragon Quest game that fans would be wanting to see at an event like this.

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