Dragonlance: Warriors Of Krynn Tabletop Strategy Game Can Integrate With Your D&D Campaign

While Dungeons & Dragons is making its glorious return to the Dragonlance setting later this year with Shadow of the Dragon Queen, it isn’t the only thing we’re getting. Launching alongside it is the tabletop strategy game Dragonlance: Warriors of Krynn.

More than just a side game to play between roleplaying sessions, Warriors of Krynn can serve as either an independent game or a fully-integrated part of your Shadow of the Dragon Queen campaign.

As detailed at Wizards Presents, Warriors of Krynn is a tabletop strategy game designed by Rob Daviau and Stephen Baker that combines the usual gameplay you’d expect from wargames with D&D’s roleplaying elements. Told through a mix of cards, figures, counters, and books, revolves around the Commanders on both sides of the Solamnian invasion and their armies.

While Warriors of Krynn can be played on its own with no regard for the main book, perhaps the coolest aspect of it is its symbiotic relationship with Shadow of the Dragon Queen. For example, Shadow of the Witch Queen may be used until your party stumbles onto an active battlefield, at which point your game can seamlessly transition to Warriors of Krynn to show what happens there. Experience, rewards, and even long-term consequences of your Warriors of Krynn battles will transfer back into Shadow.

A particularly interesting point is that the figures found in Warriors of Krynn are the standard miniature size for Dungeons & Dragons. This means you can use them in your ongoing campaigns, or even bring other characters into Warriors of Krynn, provided you have the figure for them.

Dragonlance is famous for featuring much large battles than other settings like the Forgotten Realms tend to depict, with entire armies vying for control of continents. Warriors of Krynn is Wizards’ answer on how to allow you agency in playing through these battles without crowbarring them into Fifth Edition’s rules.

Dragonlance: Warriors of Krynn will launch alongside Shadow of the Dragon Queen on December 6, 2022. It can either be bought individually in both standard and alternate cover editions, or you can buy a bundle that includes both it and Shadow of the Dragon Queen.

Finally, a Deluxe Edition Bundle will launch on February 28 that includes an exclusive cover for the book, a DM screen, and a digital copy of it via D&D Beyond, as well as the deluxe edition of Warriors of Krynn.

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