DSKoopa Streams Himself On The News Following Pink Gorilla Break-In

Pink Gorilla co-owner DSKoopa streamed himself on the news just days after his store was robbed.

Yes, last weekend was pretty depressing. Seattle’s world-famous Pink Gorilla Games, purveyor of new, used, and retro video game consoles, cartridges, and discs, was broken into. The thief or thieves made off with several big-ticket items, including some current-gen consoles.

Worse, they smashed the display cases and door front in order to illegally gain access to the store. Things only got cleaned up by Saturday night.

The break-in made headlines among the gamer community for obvious reasons, but the mundane media sometimes takes a little while to catch a story. ABC only got their interview with Cody “DSKoopa” Spencer out on Monday.

And of course DSKoopa streamed himself when it came out.

“Lookin’ good,” said one member of the Twitch chat as soon as the interview aired. Others chanted “Hollywood,” “Famous,” and “Meta.”

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“Heeeeyyy! We made the news!” Cody said. “How [email protected]#$ing depressing.”

So far we haven’t had any updates on the investigation, although last we were told the police had a pretty good lead on a suspect. The alleged thief identified themself as “Jacob” by scrawling the message “Jacob was here” onto the brick wall leading to the Pink Gorilla entrance. Police had also located a description, personal info, and video footage of the suspect as he tried to pawn the stolen consoles off at another shop down the street.

Life at the Pink Gorilla appears to have returned to normal. On Tuesday, the shop posted an update on their Facebook feed that revealed several new limited-run games had arrived, including Jak X: Combat Racing and Marenian Tavern Story: Patty And the Hungry God for the PlayStation 4; Wanderson, Battle Princess Madelyn, and Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX for the Nintendo Switch; and several PS Vita games.

The next stream will hopefully reveal that the perp is behind bars and awaiting execution for grand theft gaming.

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