Dungeons & Dragons Drops Spelljammer-Themed Album Spelljams

Wizards of the Coast is continuing to experiment with musical tie-ins with its big fantasy franchise. Magic: The Gathering got two albums themed after recent expansions, and now Dungeons and Dragons' new Spelljammer: Adventures in Space has its own concept album too.

In a preview ahead of Wizards Presents showcase on Thursday, Spelljams is inspired by Queen’s soundtrack for the movie Flash Gordon. Produced by The Decemberists guitarist Chris Funk, each song on Spelljams corresponds with a chapter in the new Spelljammer adventure, Light of Xaryxis. Although, titles like "Seeds of Destruction" and "Left Hand Path" aren't quite descriptive enough to be spoilers.

Spelljams is available to download today in honor of Spelljammer’s release. You can find Spelljams on all your favorite streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp, and you can download the album digitally on most platforms too. A vinyl version of the album is available for pre-order with unique cover art provided by Milivok Ceran.

Spelljammer: Adventures in Space is out today. We recently spoke with lead designer Chris Perkins to get a feel for Spelljammer, which he described as "D&D, but in space." The key takeaway there is that Spelljammer is definitely not sci-fi. Ships and artifacts are magically powered, and there are plenty of spells to sling in the Astral Sea.

There are six new playable races in Spelljammer, including the Giff hippo-folk, Astral Elves, the ape-like Hadozee, the insectoid Thri-Kreen, the ooze-like Plasmoids, and AutoGnomes, a race of android constructs. There’s also a bunch of new monsters to discover in the deep black, such as Space Hamsters and Space Pirate Clowns, all of which are described in Boo’s Astral Menagerie.

The new adventure, Light of Xaryxis, is designed to give players a solid introduction to Spelljammer and get them situated in the Astral Sea before they venture out into Wild Space. While Spelljammer is definitely not Star Trek, there’s still plenty of exploration to be had while venturing into the great beyond.

Spelljams and Spelljammer are both available now.

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