Dungeons & Dragons: Matthew Mercer’s New Blood Hunter Is For Sale And Benefitting Wildfire Relief

The new Blood Hunter class is now for sale benefitting Australian bushfire relief.

So Australia is still on fire. Yeah, those fires that have been burning since last May are still cooking the country/continent, killing a billion animals and displacing many more. It’s also torched quite a few human settlements and dumped billions of tons of more carbon into the atmosphere, which may someday soon cook us all.

But let’s not get too hung up on the impending climate apocalypse: we gotta deal with the hand we’re dealt. That’s why Matthew Mercer, ace Dungeon Master of Critical Role fame and the man of a thousand voices, has decided to do his part for Australia but selling the new Blood Hunter adventurer class and donating the proceeds to Australian bushfire relief.

Critical Role fans already know about the Blood Hunter (RIP Molly), but for the uninitiated, it’s a martial class that uses the magic found in blood to fuel their spells and abilities. In practical terms, this means they lose HP whenever they throw crazy abilities. It’s recently been re-worked for the upcoming release of Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount, having swapped its Wisdom-based abilities with Intelligence-based ones.

Matt seems very pleased with his Blood Hunter 2.0 (although he says on Twitter that he’s iterated the Blood Hunter far more times than that), so it might be worth a look all on its own if you’re jonesing for something a little different in your next campaign.

You can buy the Blood Hunter over on Dungeon Masters Guild, or as part of a larger bundle. That bundle includes dozens of titles such as the Ravenloft: City of Eyes sourcebook, the Cartographer class, the Circle of the Elementals druid subclass, the College of Caterwauling Bard subclass, Encounters on the Savage Seas supplement book, the Grappler’s HandbookGreenhouse of Nightmares adventure, Joy of Monster Cooking adventure cookbook, Knarl’s Candy Compendium, and many, many more.

That’s a $150 value for just $9.99, and all proceeds go towards the Australian Red Cross and the Australian branch of the World Wildlife Fund.

This deal goes on for the next two weeks, so act now and help a continent out.

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