Dusk Diver 2 – How To Defeat Kunlun Transformer, Central Type

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Kunlun Transformer, Central Type is one of the more interesting bosses in Dusk Diver 2. As the name suggests, this thing can transform throughout the game, giving it multiple attack styles that you need to deal with if you want to come out victorious. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your perspective), Kunlun Transformer has some glaring weaknesses.

Because of this, this fight isn’t that difficult if you know what you are doing. Despite that, the fight is rather fun, and Kunlun Transformer succeeds in being one of the cooler visual designs in Dusk Diver 2. Grab your party, and be ready to smash this thing to pieces.

Kunlun Transformer, Central Type’s Attacks

Kunlun Transformer has a fair few attacks, but unlike most bosses, Kunlun Transformer doesn’t have access to them all at once. This is because it can shift between Mech and Hover forms, and each form has a unique list of attacks.


Transform Kunlun Transformer shifts into Hover Mode.There is no counter, you cannot interrupt this transformation.
Stab + ExplosionThis is Kunlun Transformer’s most common attack in Mech form – at least during the early portions of the fight. Kunlun Transformer stabs its sword forward, and then after a brief delay, there is an explosion at the impact site.This attack is weird because the explosion is not very big, has a massive delay, and will often be behind you. As long as you dodge the stab and don’t walk backwards, you should avoid the explosion. You could also just doge to the side to ensure you avoid it.
Spin + Missile BarrageKunlun Transformer spins in place and then fires off a barrage of homing missiles.Due to the homing nature of the attack, dodging is a bit trickier here. The best thing to do is to dodge at the last second so all the missiles miss and don’t have time to swing around and try again.
Charge + Missile BarrageKunlun Transformer charges at you dealing damage, and then unleashes a missile barrage once the charge comes to an end.This charge itself is very well telegraphed, so dodging it should be fairly simply providing you dodge to the side. The missile barrage is a pain, but the same technique as before should work – dodge at the last second.
Red Flash Slash – MechKunlun Transformer flashes red and then slashes out with its sword.This attack is easily counterable as there is not a significant delay between flash and attack. Counter it for a free combo.


Transform Kunlun Transformer shifts into Mech Mode.There is no counter, you cannot interrupt this transformation.
Rapid Fire Kunlun Transformer unleashes a hail of bullets directly in front of it.This attack comes out very quickly and we struggled to spot an obvious telegraph. The moment you see bullets flying, dodge to the side to trigger a Just Dodge land a combo.
ChargeSimilar to the charge in Mech form, Kunlun Transformer charges at the player.This attack is avoided with a simple side dodge. There is no follow-up attack whilst Kunlun Transformer is in Hover Mode.
Summon AidKunlun Transformer summons allies to help.The Kunlun drones Kunlun Transformer summons are easily dispatched – but also easily ignored. If they get too numerous, deal with them. Otherwise, you are free to ignore them.

Which Party Members To Use

As is normally the case, we found the Yumo was the best choice for this fight. Her speed, damage, and skills are all top-notch and with the addition of Burst, she is more than capable of dealing with Kunlun Transformer.

Bahet is another excellent choice, as his unique Beat mechanic (if you can land it reliably) in addition to his fast combos can make short work of Kunlun Transformer. Viada is another solid pick due to her range.

Leo is fine, but clearly the loser here. He is simply too slow, and because of that, his DPS doesn’t match Yumo’s. Kunlun Transformer doesn’t have many Red attacks, so his Block ability is far less useful in this fight than in others.

Battle Strategy

This is where we talk about Kunlun Transformer’s biggest weakness – it can be stun-locked. This is often an issue with bosses in Dusk Diver 2, however, Kunlun Transformer went down surprisingly quickly simply by hitting it relentlessly.

Because of this, it's possible Kunlun Transformer will find it difficult to get many attacks off at all, allowing you to combo it heavily without fear of retaliation. Of course, it will eventually gain Super Armour to power through your attacks, but you can deal massive damage if you just keep up the offensive.

Kunlun Transformer’s minions can be an issue if he summons them in. Whether or not you ignore them is largely up to you, but we found that we could simply focus on the boss. If they are more aggressive and start getting in your way, take them out.

Keep up the pressure and Kunlun Transformer will go down in no time.

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