Dying Light 2 Celebrates International Cat Day With In-Game Shrine

Today is August 8, better known as International Cat Day. It’s the day where everyone looks at their furry overlord and gives them just a little extra catnip with today’s tuna steak dinner. Or at least, that’s what the cats hope for.

Although not typically celebrated in video games, Dying Light 2 is a special case. Now in-game, you can find a little cat shrine with the word "Moka" written at the bottom. Dying Light 2 developer TechLand hasn't offered an in-game explanation for why this shrine exists, but out of game, it's explained that Moka is the cat belonging to Reil, an artist that worked on the game.

"Hello hoomans! I'm Moka and I adopted a Techland Artist @Reil_Art!" Moka explained. "My life is so busy: between a snack and a nap I force my Hooman dev to sneak me into his work, spreading love for all the furry friends of this world."

Strangely, Stray developer BlueTwelve Studio hasn’t announced any special plans for International Cat Day, but one can only assume the best way to honor your cat is to play Stray. Cats have been going crazy over the accuracy of Stray’s four-legged protagonist, so much that Stray is now Steam’s top-rated game for 2022.

Stray also offers a wonderful assortment of mods. There’s the mod that turns the hero cat into a flabby orange tabby, Marie from the Aristocats, or even a dog. There’s also one modder who’s accepting commissions to convert your personal kitty into a mod that lets your cat live out their fantasy of saving a society of robots.

Mods for Stray have even jumped to other games. There’s a Doom mod out there that swaps Doom Guy with the orange hero of Stray. Why? Because everything's better with cats. Hence, International Cat Day.

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