Dying Light 2 finally releases 26 minutes of E3 footage

After being shown behind closed doors in June, Techland has released a lengthy gameplay demo showing Dying Light 2 in action.

Now that almost everything is streamed live the moment it happens it’s always a bit jarring when publishers try to keep some details secret.

For the last two years Cyberpunk 2077 has shown lengthy gameplay demos behind closed doors, only releasing a cut-down version of the footage a few months later (this Friday, to be precise, when it comes to their E3 2019 demo).

Techland followed the same plan with Dying Light 2 and while we saw the hands-off demo below at E3 back in June this is the first time it’s been released online.

Despite not being big fans of the first game we were impressed by the sequel, which makes a number of major improvements in terms of everything from the dialogue to a decision-making system that can radically change the game world depending on what you do.

The best way to understand exactly how this works is to watch the trailer above, but in our E3 interview Techland said that a whole section of the city would remain off-limits depending on what you do.

Despite a lengthy development Dying Light 2 still doesn’t have a release date but is due out next spring on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

It’ll also be a cross-gen release though, so given how busy next spring is we think maybe a short delay might be better for all concerned.

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