Dying Light 2: Wall Of Valor – Missing In Action Side Quest Walkthrough

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When playing through the Broadcast story mission of the Dying Light 2 campaign, you will get a last dying wish from the character Leon of Peacekeeper Squad 404. He wants you to give a letter to his wife, Cyra.

If you agree to deliver Leon's letter to Cyra, complete the first three Wall of Valor side quests, and agree to bring back Leon's dog tag, you will receive the Wall of Valor – Missing In Action side quest. This guide will provide you with a walkthrough of this task and where to find the said dog tag.

The Wall Of Valor – Missing In Action Side Quest Overview

You will get the side quest after you complete the Wall of Valor – Deadly Exchange, Wall of Valor – Bad Medicine, and Wall of Valor – Lost Transmission side quests. The new mission will begin automatically after completing these three previous ones.

Leon was part of the Peacekeeper Squad 404, which was assigned on a mission to the VNC Tower. Leon was bitten by the infected during the task and disappeared. Your objective is to find Leon's corpse in the VNC Tower, collect his dog tag, and bring it back to Cyra.

Head To The VNC Tower

The VNC Tower is found in the top mid of the Garrison region. Head to the tower and enter inside. Use the elevator to go to the basement of the tower. Once you reach the basement, go straight underwater and open the door. Keep going straight from there towards the marker until you reach a staircase. Go up the stairs where the marker is and open the door on the left.

Once you enter the room, look at the vent on the right and investigate it. It will show you a trail of bloody footprints. Follow the footprints to the top of the structure and jump across. Go underneath the boxes while following the footprints until you reach a big hall area with many infected lurking around.

Don't forget that you can always scan the area using Survivor Sense to show the footprints if they disappear.

You can kill the infected or keep following the footprints. Go a little further to find out that Leon has turned into a volatile.

Kill Leon and search the body to collect his dog tag.

Give The Dog Tag To Cyra

Now that you have Leon's dog tag, exit the VNC tower and go to PK Floating Fortress. Enter the Wall of Valor room and give the dog tag to Cyra. She will ask you what you found at the VNC Tower. You will have the choice to tell her the truth or lie to her. Regardless of the option you choose, the outcome will be the same. She will accept her husband's fate and give you a reward for completing the side quest.

You will get 5,250x Combat XP, 1,750x Agility XP, Peacekeeper Medal, and Hero's Dog Tags for completing the side quest.

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